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By  Catdragon  |  40

I am so sorry. This reminds me of when they buried Hughes in FMA. His daughter kept asking how will daddy do his work if he's.under there. have you tried explaining that the doggy is very tired and wants to rest and that she shouldn't disturb him? kids don't really understand death all that well. I hope you all still had fun at the beach though.

  sturschaedel  |  27

Kids are very capable of understanding the concept of death at a very early age if you talk honestly and openly with them. My then two-year-old understood what it meant that his great-grandfather had died.

He asked me about a year later if cats hated me. Turns out my mother had told him that my childhood cats had run far, far away and haven't come back yet. She didn't want to tell him that they had died years ago. When I told him what happened it made much more sense to him.

Telling them stories of sleep or wonderland or home-in-the-clouds just confuse kids. The little ones are less scared to talk about death than most adults.