Today, I found my cat dead on the road. I called my family and told them, and later buried the cat. Not long after I got done burying it, my cat walked up to me. I buried someone else's cat. FML

By Anonymous / Monday 1 July 2013 16:10 / United States - Provo
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  Austin_Burkes  |  6

that was a catastrophic failure.

  bagginzy  |  14

How kind of you.

  kuffis  |  9

Hope that washing can remove dead cat smell from undies.

  piedpiper303  |  29

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  HKCgrimmjow  |  15

Something similar happened to me... The initial reaction is OMG your alive!! Hugs and kisses, about 20 minutes later your like you jerk... I buried someone else's cat for no reason

  Jemm_fml  |  29

*awaits the comments admonishing you for your "poor spelling"...*

  Jemm_fml  |  29

I find it hilarious that no one noticed "poor spelling" was in quotes. It means I know the correct spelling for the NOVEL (not movie) is Pet Semetary. At least MZzombicidal (sp?) got the joke.

  SammyS2012  |  21

i thought 320 was referencing the FML where a person was verbally abused on facebook after writing about watching Pet Semetary and people thought he spelled it wrong...

  FlyingLeumer  |  19

I didn't know cats were Budhist 0_o

  _DudeGuy_  |  16

In the Buddhist religion, depending on how you live your life, you reincarnate into a different animal. The better the life, the better the animal. Once you live a perfect life, you're released from the chain and become one with a Buddhist god I can't remember.

By  FlyingLeumer  |  19

And now we sit and watch numerous puns about cats being born. Please, try not to spill the popcorn.

  hawkislayer  |  1

Skid marks? Who brakes for cats?

  VeganVampyre  |  26

No, I'm with you, 56. I recently found a dead cat on the road in my subdivision and even though it wasn't mine I wanted to murder the assholes that killed it. There's no reason to hit a cat in a subdivision where the speed limit is 45 kph.

  DanniNell  |  13

#126 - I actually witnessed a cat getting run over at my college. The speed limit is 10 and here is thus guy going 30 and he just hits a cat and continues on his way! I was so pissed that I had to see a cat go under a tire and then hear it's painful meows as it was right there twitching until it took its last breath. That's something no one wants to see. =(

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