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Today, I found my cat dead on the road. I called my family and told them, and later buried the cat. Not long after I got done burying it, my cat walked up to me. I buried someone else's cat. FML
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At least you still have your own cat, and didn't leave that one rotting in the sun.


Come on, #1, this is no time for puns, surely OP isn't feline so good after this incident.

Hope that washing can remove dead cat smell from undies.

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You've cat to be kitten me right meow. These puns are anything but purfect.

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Well on the bright side your cat is alive

At least you gave the cat a proper burial/grave. That's still a good deed. c:

No wonder they say cats have nine lives..

Something similar happened to me... The initial reaction is OMG your alive!! Hugs and kisses, about 20 minutes later your like you jerk... I buried someone else's cat for no reason

Can we paws the puns? OP's in a dilemma. OP, have you determined the claws of death yet?

^ that was purretty original from my standards, you deserve an apaws for that one

That is the lamest pun I have ever heard.

talkomatic713 13

Anyone else think it'd be ridiculously scary to bury your cat then just have it walk up to you?

Did you happen to bury him in a place marked "Pet Sematary"?

*awaits the comments admonishing you for your "poor spelling"...*

grobinson 9

what? have you not seen the movie?

Love that movie. The kid is SO creepy!

That's how the movie title is spelled, with an S.

MzZombicidal 36

I have a feeling that was the joke #20 was making...

People make jokes in comments? How bizarre.

FinJage 18

Really, a movie? You mean the novel?

I find it hilarious that no one noticed "poor spelling" was in quotes. It means I know the correct spelling for the NOVEL (not movie) is Pet Semetary. At least MZzombicidal (sp?) got the joke.

Wait is it really a movie too?? I feel so out of the loop. Must see!

Sinistra_Blue 12

Plot twist! He actually did bury his cat, but now its a zombie cat. Be careful OP, cuddly little kitty might try to eat you when you're sleeping.

Lol! I watched it a couple of days ago. For the 100th time I believe. Love that movie.

i thought 320 was referencing the FML where a person was verbally abused on facebook after writing about watching Pet Semetary and people thought he spelled it wrong...

grobinson 9

you'll enjoy it. the little boy performed his role very well.

grobinson 9

its also a movie. look it up. they did great with it.

This is one cat who slipped out of the bag

At least you still have your own cat, and didn't leave that one rotting in the sun.

Yes, it's nice that you still gave it a loving burial.

Yeah, you saved the road from one hell of a stench!

Don't you know cats have nine lives? He reincarnated!

I thought it was Hindu that reincarnate and Buddhists just like become one with nature or something.

I believe your referring to the Doa, both Hiindus and Buddhists believe in reincarnation.

In the Buddhist religion, depending on how you live your life, you reincarnate into a different animal. The better the life, the better the animal. Once you live a perfect life, you're released from the chain and become one with a Buddhist god I can't remember.

And now we sit and watch numerous puns about cats being born. Please, try not to spill the popcorn.

Born? Why would puns be about a newborn cat?

Imma glass half full type of guy so you possibly saved a parent from the "cat ran away" lie

graceinsheepwear 33

How? Someone's cat still is missing. There's no body to be found now. No closure for the other pet owner.

Thats the point. No parent likes to tell their kids that a pet died.

At least your cats alive. I just got a kitten and I'd be heartbroken if he died. :(

Same here! I got her four weeks ago. :)

mrsdiaz 8

Well it was still nice of you to bury the dead cat. And now you get to call your family and tell them that your cat really isn't dead.

for all you know it could've been a stray. you might've actually done a good deed.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#52.... Dick. Although maybe I'm just sensitive because my 2-year-old adorable tabby baby was killed by a car :/

MzZombicidal 36

#52, Um... that would be people who actually care if they hurt or kill another living thing.

No, I'm with you, 56. I recently found a dead cat on the road in my subdivision and even though it wasn't mine I wanted to murder the assholes that killed it. There's no reason to hit a cat in a subdivision where the speed limit is 45 kph.

#126 - I actually witnessed a cat getting run over at my college. The speed limit is 10 and here is thus guy going 30 and he just hits a cat and continues on his way! I was so pissed that I had to see a cat go under a tire and then hear it's painful meows as it was right there twitching until it took its last breath. That's something no one wants to see. =(

Neyuu 18

Seriously.. no need to go into detail... I've lost cats that way and it's really heartbreaking to think about.