By adad - 01/02/2010 14:34 - France

Today, I was walking by a pond when I saw a small frog. I decided to catch it to get a close look. After I picked it up, I realized that it was not a frog. It was dog shit shaped like a frog. FML
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Reshape it to look like Jesus and leave for someone else to find.

DogmaT_fml 4

good thing you didnt try to kiss it.


maltam123 0

I could see myself doing something like tht... yummm :P

seabrook 7
azurablade 0

why are all the FMLs from this area of France??

flipsui305 0

the creators of fml are from France that is why

That dog had a special talent of making frog-shaped shit. You ruined good art....shame on you!

HeresReality 0

fake. dog shit doesn't jump around or look like a frog

Shystai 0

The dog did it on purpose. I bet it was watching him from a distance, laughing it off. FYL OP, frog shaped.. LMAO

Sooner_Or_Later 0

OP, your really that stupid? *shakes head* What has become of the world.

girlygirllol8 0

hahaha awwwh that's sucks but you just made my day lool.

Reshape it to look like Jesus and leave for someone else to find.

I don't see how you could actually manage to do this. Better take a trip to specsavers..

Now this is a real FML. Thank you for grabbing dog shit.

zelly05 0

lol xD that dog must be some kind of artist lol