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  starile  |  19

HAHAHAHAHA HE'S FUNNY! Dang, you must've PISSED him off to dump you like that! Hey, at least he could be held responsible for what happened to the school's property.

  to3_tag  |  0

of course she will, it's a school locker. she might be moved to a new one or the school will either make the guy clan it off, or they will clean it off. it's not like it's her personal locker she keeps in her back pocket.

  starile  |  19

At least if she did keep it in her back pocket she could hide it. At least for the time that her vandalized locker is still her locker, she has to live with the humiliation.

By  BoCo_fml  |  9

What a douche!! I hope he gets in a lot of trouble with the school.

The good news is another more mature guy may want to help nurse the emotional wounds.