Creepy backyard

By L.Lime05 - 08/08/2010 23:27 - United States

Today, I found a pile of animal skeletons scattered in my backyard. It appears that last night, mother nature decided to rain so hard, that the graves of my childhood pets floated back up to the top, and covered half of my field. I now have to pick all of it up before my dog sees them. FML
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gabbielove 0

How many pets did you have?! That's a lot!

...Exactly how many pets did you have (and kill)? o.O


gabbielove 0

How many pets did you have?! That's a lot!

super3286 14

I'm guessing 8

nateb1tch 1

raining so hard they came to the top is beleivable....but in cali?

cydnee 0

I LIVE in California, there hasn't been any heavy rain, at all. at least anywhere I'm aware of XD

what does your dog seeing the skeletons of other dead animals going to do??? its not like your dog is going to think you are an animal serial killer....hmmm or are you???

Well, he might go after the bones... o.o Eek. I'm so glad none of our pet graves have resurfaced, it'd make me pretty sad.

rain in californa? LIES!

hahahahahahah this made me laugh sooo much!! sucks for you hahahahahaha

iRawrrrx33 0

20 - dogs eat bones. she didn't want her dog eating the bones! -- but don't animals bones decompose over time? or decay something like that.

19: California is huge and has an unusually wide variety of climates. This is still quite believeable.

27 you are right how could i forget that lol....but maybe animal bones are the same as the bones of other species in which they take a long time to decay in preserved conditions...

are you stephen kings wife ? Pet Sematary 1 & 2 gave me the creeps. my fav part in 2 was when the cop picked up the motorcyle and started reving the wheel near the bully kids face. he says "IM JUST FU*KING WITH YA"

iRawrrrx33 0

ohhh that would make sense haha

OMFG animal ZOMBIES!!!!!

Hahaha, 20, you made me laugh

wait.. do you still live with your parents or did you move out and took all of the bodies with you? o.o

zerobahamut03 2



Lol #63, don't forget those Cheery Bombs XD

hahaha best game Eva!!!! I like the "squash"

lol that game got me thru computer apps. plants vs zombies FTW!!

atomicwedgie4u 0

I'd like to know how many pets you've killed & should your dog be scared.

astarwarsfan 0

next time, bury the bodies 6 feet under

well 20 first when you bury something it takes a while for the flesh and organs and EVERYTHING but the bones to decompose. it takes a long time for the bones to decompose. LONG.

U kid is an ANIMAL KILLER!!! quick dog escape while you can!!!!

there's a simpler explanation than rain in Cali... Zombies. It begins with Animals...

I'm pretty sure the OP wants to clean up the bones before their dog decides to chew on one

YDI for letting mother nature rain on you. She's just a woman. YDI for being a woman

haha how deep did he dig those holes? haha. doesn't rain that hard in Cali except the sierras but that's mostly snow

Izzy_babii 0

Lol If that happend to me,there would be ALOT of skeletons. I've had atleast 50 pets since I was little and we buried them all in a little pet cemetery lol. So OP didn't necessarily have all those pets at one time.

that's disgusting

Despina 0

19 you do realize that just because it wasn't raining where you live that it means it wasn't raining in the entire state of California? California has lots of different weather and climates. in fact it rains a fair amount in northern California close to the Oregon border

California suck ass

thats why you bury them in the pet semetery so you can keep them forever!

Actually, in the Pet Semetary, they keep YOU forever. :o

*sematary. that's how it's spelled in the movie title

...but it's spelled the same way in the book title as it is in the movie...

An AWESOME book first.

It is spelt 'pedantic' :-)

Lol, SUCCESS! I totally predicted this chain of replies, including pendatik and Spas's involvement. :D

52- could u atleast buy a shirt that's meant to show ur belly!

Jessi2487 0

if i were ur dog i would run away quick

eggjuggler 0

Poor dog is gonna be traumatized if he sees this...

...Exactly how many pets did you have (and kill)? o.O

eff u anti flood :/

SirWhatsHisFace 0

"Lucky just got hit by a car!" "What?!" "Juuuust kidding. He got hit by a bus. Go scrape him up!"

mrbodo 3

I feel worse for your grammar skills than I do for the dog.

meganpineapple 0

get to it bitch!