By catstew - 02/10/2009 01:43 - United States

Today, my mother's beloved cat died and we thought it would be nice to bury it in the back yard. I came home from work and while walking to the door saw that the cat had been dug up and partially eaten by the local raccoons and strays. FML
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You obviously didn't bury your pussy deep enough.

How rotten. I bet your mum will be real torn up by this.


You obviously didn't bury your pussy deep enough.

His shovel is too short to reach a sufficient depth.

Odd, I always thought it was the dick that was buried, not the pussy. I should have paid more attention in sex-ed.

Oh, you British folk and your ricockulous backwards sexing :] learn dem amurrka sexin tyms gurrl

Shame. No wonder the population is decreasing from lack of pregnancies. I can't bear the pressure of having to educate a whole country of the American sexy-ways now, though.

Teach someone the ways. Use them as a puppet. =]

I will become sensei. So it's bury the pussy, not the other way around. Got it.

What'd you do, take one shoveful of earth out the ground, then just put a bit on top of it and called that buried? You deserved it.

Unfortunately, with that much raw meat, you gotta put more effort than you think into making sure it stays buried. Ever seen the end of Old Yeller, where they have the big pile of heavy rocks? That's exactly why.

How rotten. I bet your mum will be real torn up by this.

Circle of Life. Its a beautiful thing

Girls with raccoon makeup are still considered somewhat human. You can call them that.

I didn't know Kiki Kannibal dug up dead kittens and ate them =/ But then again, this one IS from Florida...

Well, Audrey Kitching does wear leather, so why not?

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your supposed to dig deep, put some mud on top, then put a paving slab or something on top, followed by the rest of the mud. that way they can't dig down to it.

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ROFLLL. I dunno why, but I just pictured that happening and I found it hilarious.