By Gone With the Wind - 12/05/2014 03:29 - United States - Omaha

Today, the tornado sirens went off so my family went to the basement and turned on the TV to the local news. The station goes to their sky cam as a trampoline flies by. Quite the sight. When the storm passed, I looked outside to see our trampoline was gone. It was the one flying by on TV. FML
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Trampolines tend to enjoy flying whenever there's a heavy storm.

At least your trampoline is famous!


At least nothing else happened to you

I agree with you #15. A trampoline can be replaced. A family member can't, glad to hear that you and your family are safe OP.

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I agree.. but this fml sucks. its just a trampoline

you gotta admit though, that's pretty legit. lol

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Trampoline: $40 TV: $200 Watching a trampoline flying on TV only to realize it was yours later on: Priceless. For everything else, there's a credit/debit card...

I know, a twiser came that close and they lived, FTL for sure

Woah, scary. Hope you and your family are okay OP!

#72 Because now at least they have something to boast about in light of their situation. "Hey neighbor, did you see the trampoline flying through the air? Well, it was ours! We made the news!"

Trampolines tend to enjoy flying whenever there's a heavy storm.

I think the trampoline was just confused on who was supposed to be jumping in the air

Trampolines just generally like to escape captivity. I once had a water trampoline that got 'lost' on a lake after a storm.

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Stormchaser #45 reporting in, we hav- Sir, you are a trampoline

I hate tornadoes.. I'm just glad yall are okay. :/ trampolines can be replaced but loved ones cannot!

Hopefully it just ended up in someone else's yard. Free trampoline!

Typically when sirens are blaring people aren't outside. They're in their shelter. At least that's how it is here in Oklahoma. We take that shit seriously... May of last year was terrible.

in ohio were jyst like **** it, come at me bitch.

103-- most Oklahomans are the same way, honestly. When the El Reno tornado hit, everyone at my BIL's work place went on with their business (as well as the place next door) until it was literally right there. Everywhere I know just goes about business as usual until we see actual evidence of said tornados. These random earthquakes, however, keep taking us by surprise.

At least your trampoline is famous!

It now holds the title "worlds most known trampoline" and is appearing on tv with jimmy kimmel for an interview later tonight

hope you are safe and sound with your family...

1st) love the name. 2nd) in a storm that dangerous, be thankful it's just your trampoline and not your house or even your family!