By crappy_day - 09/01/2010 02:09 - United States

Today, as I went to the bathroom in a port-a-potty at a park, I forgot to lock the door. A little girl opens the door and then slams it right away. As she walked away I heard her say "no, there's a man in there". I'm a woman. FML
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YDI for standing up to pee?

Well you have a pretty big dick for a woman.


YDI for standing up to pee?

Wow, I'm transgendered and still no one makes that mistake with me. Must be UGLY!

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ewww transgenders are freaks

She's a little girl; give her a break. She probably didn't even get a good look at you since she slammed the door right away.

Well you have a pretty big dick for a woman.

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r u pretty hairy then?

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maybe she confused your boobs for balls?

hahahaha I love dis app everyones so funny really makes me laugh !!..thank uz:-D

Well u said she slamed the door relle fast, so did u relle think she had time to figure if it was a dude or a chick??

"Today, someone walked in on me goin' tinkle, but didn't give more than a cursory glance at my exposed body. FML."

maybe she tough you were a obese man with a very small dick, and all the fat hid it.....eww

a obese man?

I imagine the face you were making

YDI for using a port-o-potty

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AND for forgetting to lock the door.

Hahahaha. sucks to be you, you have my sympathies!

Young children (up to five or six years old) aren't good in seeing if someone is a man or a woman. They can't just recognize it but have to make assumptions based on hair length, clothing and stuff like that. She could just have thought you were a man because you have short hair or something. My boyfriend has long hair and a beard and that's VERY confusing for young children.

It's also a language development thing. Even if they know the gender they may still get the words denoting gender wrong every once in a while.