By scared4myhair - United States - Flint
Today, I was asked to prom by the same guy who "accidentally" cut off a chunk of my hair in class and with whom I haven't had a conversation in my life. When I politely declined he said, "You'll regret this". FML
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@100, Are you serious? "You'll regret this" is not confidence. That's a threat. Did you miss the part where OP said this person cut off her hair? That's already seriously disturbing, add to it that vaguely veiled threat and that's more than police-worthy. Confidence would be respecting the rejection and moving on without having your ego damaged too badly. It's pretty troubling you can call this confidence as though there's nothing wrong with this behavior.

  dbt88  |  15

104- unfortunately "You'll regret this" isn't an actual threat. You may take it as threatening but unless the person specifically says what they'll do, it's not enough to be acted on by the police.


isnt this what younger kids do to "flirt" with someone they like? lol I've seen it in movies but never thought it really happened.. i bet he's hitting on you op. .he's just socially awkward.. and doesn't do it right.

  mintypoison  |  22

Ah yes, I remember guys in HIGH SCHOOL flirting with me by cutting my hair and threatening me when I refused their advances... This guy has committed assault and is now threatening OP. That isn't flirting, that's terrifying.

  Aimeejasmine  |  15

This guy pulled out scissors on her and made threats when she obviously declined spending a whole evening with a stranger and you're defending him?? Guys seriously..


I really hate when people automatically assume that your "defending" a creep if you're not saying exactly what you're supposed to say. Yeah, we get he's a creep and I'm pretty sure the majority of people here think threatening is wrong. It's called a joke.

By  Cads1  |  24

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