By shelbylove115 - 22/02/2013 05:35 - United States - Nevada City

Today, I walked into my near pitch-black bathroom and saw a person staring back at me. I woke my whole family up with my screams. The person was my reflection. FML
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carleybeak 21

You don't understand how scary this is until it happens to you

The scariest thing was probably that the stranger shrieked back.


Pussy. Someones been watching too much paranormal activity and exorcism movies.

Asshole. Someone's been neglecting her tampon changeover rate.

chickmagnet69420 2

#1 is right though. How much of a ****** do you have to be to scare yourself?

sugarshane007 20

19 - How much of an idiot do you have to be to realize that your comments have you striking out?

chickmagnet69420 2

At least I get laid like 3 times a day, can you say the same?

24- No one cares about your live-in cum dumpster's willingness to let you grunt little potential asshole children into her uterus, or how often she lets you do it.

chickmagnet69420 2

I'd just abort them anyway, so I'm really living the dream

She'd abort them. YOU would brag that she's perpetually on her back because she can't do any better with her life. Because that's obviously what people boast about on the internet. You're like a failed attempt at an "overly-manly man" meme. Just the redneck, highschool dropout version.

chickmagnet69420 2

Holy shit I knew women had a statistically lower IQ than men but this is just mind-blowing. How do you know what i'm telling you isn't just bs, this is the internet after all Or maybe i am a living prodigy, and i really am slammin' ****** 24/7

So the reference to a meme didn't alert you to the fact that I know you're a troll? That's kind of funny. Let's spell it out. "You're a really bad troll" Was that easier for you to grasp or should I write it out phonetically?

Ooooh, I see a cat fight developing. No please, ladies. Don't let me interrupt. *grabs popcorn*

Doc can I sit this one out? Todays "Act like an idiot online" quota has already been filled to overflowing. I can feel my brain cells committing suicide already.

TheDrifter 23

I'll take it up, I'm bored. Let's see, the fact that he's 14, hairy palmed and trying way too hard to sound "cool" in his trolling has been covered; can we move on to the last part of his name and point out that pot smoking has obviously killed off a large percentage of his essential brain cells?

TheDrifter 23

Ignore that last, the thread rightfully got nuked.

we should start another inane and pointless thread and have it get deleted

What happened to the cat fight? And the thread?

If the room was pitch black she was most likely scared of the outline she saw and not the facial features..

carleybeak 21

You don't understand how scary this is until it happens to you

Reading this kinda scared me, so I feel for OP

This has happened to me, but I froze like a deer in the headlights, I didn't scream.

44- What else would you freeze like, you silly deer?

This only happens to me after I watch a horror film, and the aftermath lasts about a week. It is ******* horrendous. Especially if you rear up to punch it, and it does the same. I learned muy thai the next day.

Could be worse, I was staying over at a Catholic dudes house and woke up his whole Catholic family with my scream of "MOTHERFUCKER!"

hellbilly205 17

I've done this multiple times it is an absolute horrible thing to go through.

Who is that girl I see? Staring straight, back at me?

Leave a small light on if you're that skittish. Derp.

The scariest thing was probably that the stranger shrieked back.

It's like they were trying to copy them!! :0

U_GotitDude 18

I can't say this has ever happened to me, but I can say I probably would be scared shitless if it did.

hellbilly205 17

You dont want to go through this ever, i promise.

mangoboy1 19

Scared by your own reflection.Atleast it wasn't your shadow.

Just be grateful it wasn't Bloody Mary coming to get you!

You've been watching too many scary movies.

At least it wasn't an actual burglar whom you thought was your reflection.