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Today, I realized that all the times I checked behind the shower curtain before peeing didn't prepare me for what to do if someone was actually there. FML
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I'm left feeling empty after reading this. So many questions! Who was there? Why was he there? What did you do? Did you still pee? Did you scream like a little bitch and pee all over the floor? I need answers!

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Skoomaki.. You just about made the world a better place.

I feel bad for the kid...i mean who wants look exactly like Justin Bieber...

Nah, definitely Bieber. I don't think calling me ****** helps either. Isn't it past your bedtime?

mandadarling 10

I wouldn't start an interwebs battle with anyone if I looked like the Beebs...

54- Just stop, you've already made a complete idiot of yourself. To everyone here.

MarisaCB 16

Leave off him -_- He's like thirteen. Tons of guys had that haircut before Justin Bieber, he doesn't own it for Pete's sake.

Who gives a shit I he looks like bieber? He isn't bieber so the odds of him sounding like him are low. And I doubt this kid is some semi-famous-with-little-girls singer.

Rueben - Calling someone a dumbfuck around here is a guaranteed way to start a fight. Just laugh it off and this while thing goes away. I do this because I care.

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Hey. You think your funny or something?

Hey Stan this is coming from a guy who has a baby with its dick out as his pic.

His funny? What about MY funny?! Oh, that's right... My funny left me when I used this same dumb joke like eight times.

Blackmail111 9

Relax! He was making a reference to American Dad. He was just saying one of Steve Smiths lines in the show.

Yeah, because character accounts are SOOOO funny and original and several other adjectives I don't mean. Fortunately all character accounts eventually fade into the abyss, and I have no doubt Mr. Smith here will follow.

#2 Your profile description makes it even better

It's Nirvana's Nevermind, but you probebly don't even know what that is.

83# It's Nirvana's Nevermind. But I'm pretty sure you dont even know what Nirvana is.

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Let me just say I LOVE ur nirvana picture. Deff. Made me smile ! :D

It must have been an awkward moment when for that split second open and the guy just stared at each other. Both probably didn't know what to do.

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What the hell am I reading?

Original Peppers Optional Penis Out Planned Over Peed

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Didn't you here the shower running?

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Ostentatious Presbyterians. That was a band in the 90s.

#2- That's a handsome spider you got there.

Run away and don't look back, that is, if you don't want a scarred memory.

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Coming from a 13 year old Beiber, I'm pretty sure SkoomaKi feels the burn of that one.

Of course he does, after all he has a pussy

mandadarling 10

Maybe he does, and that's cool with me. I myself prefer dogs as pets, but to each his own.

MarisaCB 16

lol 65. Stop arguing. It's unfair to argue with a 13 year old. They always lose.

mandadarling 10

Eh, I suppose you're right. After all, he graciously pointed out that I can't read, so I may want to quit while I'm winning.

Hahha why DO you check behind the shower curtain before you pee? O.o

well, obviously there was a reason for it if there was something behind there...

In case something like the above story happens

Seems weird to always check behind before you pee. Do people in your family hide their regularly? Because if they are showering you can hear water, plus the door should be closed and/or locked.

In case there's a better urinal/toilet back there, obviously.

I don't know about you guys, but I check behind my shower curtain all the time for monsters...

76 - In my family we ALWAYS hide our regularly. Don't you?

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It's a fear. I have it. I leave my curtain open!

Well my shower curtain is always left open, so if I go in there and it's closed I just leave and never come back.

I always do that too. its the worst when its late at night. now if I see mine closed, SWAT might get called.

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Me tooXD I have my whole life.

I ALWAYS used to check- never really knew why- paranoia I guess! I've only stopped now because we got a glass shower screen :)

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147...I love your comment :)

After watching paranormal activity 3 I always have to look inside a mirror before leaving a room for some reason.....

Clear plastic shower curtain because they can sneak up on you when your in the shower too

114 - no My family doesn't hide. But being an only child means that I don't have stupid siblings. You people all seem very paranoid. Even as a small child in the middle of the night I wouldn't check. Just seems like a weird thing to do. Someone hiding in my shower is a never-going-to-happen thing for me.

76-Who said anything at all, about a shower RUNNING. Face to the palm.

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Well, obviously there's a rapist in Lincoln Park. He's climbing into yo' windows, snatchin people up tryin to rape 'em, so you better hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife and hide yo' husband cuz they rapin everybody out here.

So your a big child now, ah now I see.

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I'm always scared a creeper might have spawned

KiwiKitten 2

Good thing it wasn't a murderer?

Or a white egg with thousands of spiders... *shudders*

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Or some guy asking you to smell some pads

Actually it could have been a murderer. OP could have been taken hostage and forced to write this FML so that the murderer could finally get an FML posted after all of his failed attempts. Too bad its not on his account tho.

They are not a ninja because OP noticed them

33- It could've been a ninja, just not a very good one.

hockeyoceancity 13

it could have been a dummie that looked real and the real ninja could have been outside waiting for op to run out of the bathroom to strike.

It was a ninja in training. If he wasn't noticed then he would have finally been an actual ninja.

UltimateGIRness 16

It was probably just Noorfml,she is a ninja

mandadarling 10

At least you are semi-prepared. If there was a murderer out there, you would still have time to run instead of peeing. Good for you, op.

Pretty sure OP would have been running and peeing. :3

mandadarling 10

Well in that case, he would at least be making the floor a little bit trickier for the murderer to run on!

Lmao I can see it now. "Murderer breaks neck chasing boy pissing himself"

mandadarling 10

I would read that story. I would read that story twice.

Yea read it twice! If you knew HOW to read

Wow. You are truly the master of comebacks. Seriously, give up this silly little internet vendetta, it's embarrassing.

mandadarling 10

You're right Beebs.. I can't read. I don't even know how I'm writing this comment right now.. You got me. Take me away to illiterate land..

U can pee on the murderer's path to make him slip as he chases you!

finalone34 3

Or, or, or... When u see the guy, pee on him; while he is grossed out and confused punch him in the balls and stomach, steal the knife, rip off the shower curtain and wrap it around him, turn on the shower and make him slip, while he recovers break off the towel hanger rack and beat him in the head so he stops struggling, then stab him 4 or 5 times with the knife. Rinse him off with the shower so there are no stains left for evidence, load the body in ur truck and drop it at the local mcdonalds dumpster, noone will see anything unusual with that. Finally, go to walmart to buy a new bathroom set to replace the damaged or destroyed articles

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169 - yea so i'll just call the hospital and let em know we got a crazy person dropping in.

That's why you knock before entering the bathroom

And of course the peeking tom will kindly answer you.

mandadarling 10

Hey, it's better than a peeing Tom..

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Gosh you don't have to get all pissy just cause OP caught you in their shower

I deserve getting caught. But you are one whiny little bitch.

I deserve getting caught. But you are one whiny little bitch.

I deserve getting caught. But you are one whiny little bitch.

Right, because there's absolutely no chance anyone would ever actually be hiding behind the curtain. Right? Right?

MarisaCB 16

Mine is always open, if it was suddenly closed I would check...

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Wow someone's a little bitch, some people have irrational fears stop being a dick

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Jealous! I want to be a time traveler too :(