By Walking in a Winter Wonderland - 12/09/2016 10:51 - United States - Jupiter

Today, my dandruff got so bad that when I sneezed on the bus, it created a "blizzard" of dandruff, covering me, and two others in it. I'm now known as "Winter Wonderland". FML
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Perhaps a shower can help honey

It's all good. Just pop some head and shoulders on that. Stay frosty


Perhaps a shower can help honey

chrisbeaudoin 26

Showers don't just magically make all dandruff go away. But op better do something about their scalp if it managed to cover someone.

Showers do almost nothing against chronic dandruff. A medicated shampoo can help though...

There are these magical things called showers, they can really help you out

It's all good. Just pop some head and shoulders on that. Stay frosty

I believe that is his problem. Lol

That's what I did to my hair, then I went knees and toes. On a serious note, get the Men+Care or that grey bottle (it's 3 AM and I forget the name) brand of H&S. it helps a crapton when controlling your dandruff.

I laugh so hard nice pun bru

If a sneeze was enough to cause such a blizzard then it must have already been snowing. You really need to wash your hair more often just to keep it more under control if nothing else. Head and shoulders works well. (Know this from experience)

Depends on the type of scalp condition and severity. Some people get worse flaking from daily shampooing because the scalp dries out. So they have to back off to every other day. T-Gel works well for heavier dandruff or psoriasis. Shampoos with Teatree oil do well for simple dry scalp caused by climate or hard water. And if over-the-counter treatments don't cut it, I believe there's even stronger stuff a doctor can prescribe.

T-Gel works best when used with a clarifying shampoo first. After you suds the T-Gel shampoo leave it on for at least 5 mins. And if you must use a conditioner take care to keep it away from the scalp. A good medicated one is ketoconazole shampoo. You'll need a prescription but it works great.

Oh God, now all that's playing in my head is Arnold Schwarzenegger badly singing Christmas songs as Mr Freez.

Hey OP! I used to have a lifelong dandruff and psoriasis problem since I was a baby. I used medicated shampoos like Head&Shoulders (zinc) and Nizoral (ketocalnzole) but they only temporarily fixed the problem for a day or 2. What really worked was washing my head with salt water (1 part Dead Sea salt, 3 parts water) and biologically active medical grade Manuka honey left on my scalp for 3 hours. Do the honey thing every day for 1 week, then once a week for 6 months thereafter. It CURED my scalp issues for good.

thats good advice, at least ypur trying to help op

I really enjoyed the phrase "do the honey thing." Now I need an excuse to use it.

Hey I have had the same problem as you and have tried similar medicated shampoos giving me results for one or two days as well. I will try the method you suggested thanks in advance

Head and shoulders shampoo is great, I've always had a dandruff problem and since I started using it I have next to no dandruff.

Not gonna lie, that's an epic nickname

For those of you saying "just take a shower" it doesn't work simply like that. For me I have to use a shampoo called selsun it kills the dandruff. I started getting dandruff because I used to wear hats as kid and because of humitity, it didnt help at all. Even if I take a shower and put shampoo twice it doesn't work only selsun works. My advice would be to ask your doctor for help(sorry for my english I speak spanish)