By Anonymous - 07/02/2012 12:04 - United States

Today, I sneezed after watching a commercial involving dust. FML
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Million dollar idea: hypo-allergenic commercials.

No freakin way


No freakin way


OP must have one of those 3D tv's where everything looks real.

This is more of a. MLIA.

Why is this an FML? Honestly.. "Today, I saw a commercial about sleeping, and I yawned, FML"

Are you sure that you're not allergic?

Million dollar idea: hypo-allergenic commercials.

This FML is retarded

Speak of the devil!

how the hell is this a FML moment?

I really fail to see why this is an FML.

Yeah I said no to this one, not really a FML at all.

Wow I go away for 5 minutes and someone gets moderated instantly. I didn't know a term of phrase could offend someone so.

Those are some intense skills right there.

its a message from up above... just kidding but thats funny

Just because you have a funny picture doesn't mean you can leave shitty comments.

I love how you insulted and complimented him at the exact same time!

where the hell is the 'so what?' button?!