By ummmmEW - 13/02/2010 00:04 - United States

Today, I was riding the bus. Suddenly, it appeared to start to snow inside the bus, and I assumed a window was open. When I looked up however, I discovered the girl in front of me putting her hair up in a ponytail. The so-called "snow" was coming off of her head. FML
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So did you stick your tongue out to catch it?


madie_hearts09 0

aww that's gross and sad because she didn't know:(

1800getalife 0

so u didn't make a snowman?

Subrosawolf 0

@79 Oh man! That's BRILIANT! (and you took the comment out of my mouth) But instead, he should've started a snowball fight. That Is a lot better than a snowman building exercise.

mcicycool 0

hooray man-made snow! :D

its called dandruf

pipp360 0


Thats actually disgusting.

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you have pretty eyes :)

so do you :)

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Mx_Rider 6

i wish i had your eyes!!!

JojoBrown520 0

@2, You are EXTREMELY pretty :D

I 5th that

you have the most amazing eyes!

nates0210 0

I like your eyes!

I like the stupidity of the ppl comenting on eyes of complete strangers on fml :)

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lol at #145

ILikePopCorn 0

haha #145 same thing i was thinking.

treesdevin 0

disgusting ...

So did you stick your tongue out to catch it?

LMAO... eeeeeeew!

lol... frosted flacks!

UziTopete 0

"frosted flacks"?? ahaha sry I'm not correcting you I just find that halarious

#4 I actually gagged a little at that and the frosted flacks follow-up. Win BTW, thanks for clarifying that for everyone, #150.

Halarious? Not trying to correct you or anything but it was HILARIOUS XD

I was thinking that too XD

original_angie 0

I wonder if she's heard of head and shoulders

Maddoctor 10

Head & Shoulders won't work if she has psoriasis, which is essentially an over-production of skin cells that can appear anywhere on the body and can be extremely hard to get rid of. When present on a person's head, it can be mistaken for dandruff and treated with a mild dandruff shampoo, although this can actually make flaking worse.

HotpinkKitties 0

Well thanks for that info #10, I find that I'm not in the mood for breakfast anymore.

Maddoctor 10

Oh well? It's a definite possibility the girl has a chronic medical condition like psoriasis. It's not a joke, it's a pain to live with and the people who have it are usually very sensitive about it.

ohrlynow 9

My dad has psoriasis; he has very thin skin that's covered with medium to large patches of flaky sores, including his scalp. He's also vain as all hell because of it, but I try not to give him a hard time. This girl may have had it, but she also could've just really done with a good deep conditioning :/ People get dry scalps during cold weather.

starberries 0

I doubt he's vain about it. I think you mean self-conscious.

Maybe she had legit snow in her hair from being outside waiting for the bus... ehh you can always hope, right?

and maybe she's just nasty

Damn weather is fucking everything up xD

How did snow come from her hair? Snow is formed in clouds, not people. I don't understand.

purplemnm 9

um...dandruff looks like snow :D but saltier

Blink182ftw 0

 ok... now tell me, how is this an fml? as long as it didnt touch you.. you have no reason to postt this Kthnxbye

AKADreyadigg 0

dandruff does not look like snow... you cannot mistake the two... unless you are truly and honestly retarded... this was just something stupid she probably made up so she could post something on fml... tsk tsk tsk

read my mind

are u fucking retarded

Your name says it all

I really truly hope your trying to make a joke

That is nasty FYL