By Dandruff - 24/05/2010 16:14 - France

Today, I found out I have dandruff when a chick passed by and said out loud to her friends: "That dude's hair is having an early Xmas!" FML
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RobotStrut 7

i'm sorry that's humiliating. selsun blue?

hotdyegrl 0

yeah, well... I mean she didn't have to be an ass about it...**** her


RobotStrut 7

i'm sorry that's humiliating. selsun blue?

I used to have that shit ... worst thing ever

RobotStrut 7

Really? That whole clever "you can't have black without the blue" tagline got me, lol, though I'd never personally tried it.

Forget them, they're just a bunch of HO HO HOS!

make a snoman on your shoulder give him a patchy eye and speak like a pirate from antartica shiver me timbers

looks like it's time to get a clue and choose the blue!

littlemissdqgirl 8

How did you not notice op? Don't you look in the mirror?

woopsy 0

ydi for thinking this is a big deal. many people have dandruff, actually MOST people have it.

M93xoxo 0

OP At least you're not the guy a few FMLs down with the anal obsessed roommate.

Tikwichka 5

#2, I can think of a few things worse than dandruff...'worse thing ever', I don't think so.

RobotStrut 7

#3 I think he's talking about Selsun Blue LOL

Hated_By_FML 0

ydi for not using Head & Shoulders

Simplyjulie 0

That doesn't even work and I absolutely hate the smell of it. Fake adv

You should have kicked the bitch with your fist!!!

00yoda4 0

اللعنة عليك انا اكره الفرنسية

I don't see why people make fun of other people for hving dead skin cells

cookie_monster2 0
TheGuyPersonDude 0

you should build a snowman on your head

I used selsun blue, wouldn't recomend head and shoulders though. try getting an opinion from a hair dresser if your having trouble with it.

broskiiii 0

#7- stfu, you're really not funny, seriously!

I'm a hairdresser, ;) don't use head and sholders! Use a professional anti dandruff haircare brand, it's much better for your scalp and hair, you can get them from most salons 'REDKEN' is what I use at work. lots of people don't actually have the 'medical condition' dandruff, they just think they do, but really it's just the supermarket shampoo and conditioner's don't actually clean your hair and scalp properly, so you get a build up of dead skin, product, and all the dirt and dust floating around, in your hair and it makes your head flakey and dirty giving the same apperance of dandruff :D

Am too funny. :( You're just jealous...

that's so cool that you know that. never couldve even thought about that happening lol. :]

00yoda4 0

اللعنة عليك انا اكره الفرنسية

Laxer21 0

next time kick her in the balls

hotdyegrl 0

yeah, well... I mean she didn't have to be an ass about it...**** her

8-You're the one with the name "mrfruits."

And the two chicks hanging on him. Trying that hard to look like a pimp usually means he's in denial about being gay. There's nothing wrong with being gay. Just embrace your feelings and another man's ****!

kbobcat 0

im dreamin of a white christmas

tiffytiff01 0

well some people have dandruff problems. ...that's called SHAMPOOING DAILY , my friend.

That's not a solution for everyone, you know. Some people don't produce enough oil on their scalp, so washing every day would make the flaking worse.

youthink_fml 0

They could tell just walking by but you've never noticed? YDI.

That's what I was thinking. Do you have a mirror that you use regularly, OP? How do you miss something like that?

YDI indeed. Seriously, how hard is it to keep clean hair? People are lazy.

it's not such a big deal, i have it too...bitch, no need to point it out like it's the new fashion...i mean, almost everyone has it

it might not be dandruff with everyone most hairsprays and gels leave white flakes if not washed probably