By infected - 30/12/2010 21:37 - Denmark

Today, I had a snowball fight with a friend. In the midst of the game, I stole her hat and put it on my head, ignoring her pleas. Apparently, she was trying to say she had head lice. I can now verify that. FML
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YDI for stealing her hat. That's not a very lice thing to do.

Wow, another lice FML. Forget swine flu, HIV, Ebola, and SARS. It appears the lice outbreak is epidemic!


Head lice is a bitch . Js. Sucksss

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Well, that's fucking your fault!

Better hair lice then crabs could you imagine that crabs on ur head

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YLS is 666 ö

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ydi for taking someones hat!

10, it's 1's fault head lice are a bitch?

I know hats are great but it is sacred. That's the hat gawds punishing you =P YDI

Ydi for playing with snow and being a theif.

Wow, another lice FML. Forget swine flu, HIV, Ebola, and SARS. It appears the lice outbreak is epidemic!

You forgot cholera... oh wait, head lice is worse.

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that kid has a fivehead.

Did you really just make that same lame joke as that other asshole did a few minutes before? Do you really get off on insulting my little girl that much? If that's your only source of amusement, go right ahead. It doesn't bother me, and I assure you it doesn't bother her. It amuses me that my four year old is more mature than you.

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docbastard props to u and ur beautiful daughter, fuck the haters

you're daughters sucha cutie ppl r dumb.

mamamiaaa, you're sucha cutie. just sayin' (:

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Doc, in this day and age, i hate to say it but its not that suprising, especially with a lot of the parenting now. There are few of us that were raised to have common sense, respect, tact, and developed intellect of the generations prior to us. Of course some would say all the generations prior to us have been rude and had their own issues and we just see it more now, however it seems to be hitting an extreme with the advancement of technology and people pawning their children off to society to raise instead of instilling family values, morals and of course some form of religion, we have lost touch with our roots and to make it worse we all follow one another like mindless sheep to slaughter. It's all about money, fame, sex, drugs, and parties. Anyhow, I agree with your previous point doc.

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I completely agree with big mac.he's got it down.

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fivehead changed her photo. she mad brahs

80 - Bugger off. Do you really have nothing better to do than pick on a 5 year old kid?

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YDI. Your friend was trying to warn you. But your stupid self didn't pay attention.

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^^Justin Bieber^^

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Haha:D Justin<3 LOL

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you're cute:)

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she's 16 your 41. creeper

#59 your picture is amazing.

There is only one good way to deal with lice in your hair. KILL IT WITH FIRE.

FIRE. FLAMETHROWERAN, in that I'm using a noun as a present-tense verb!

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Yeah if OP burns all their hair off, the lice die too. Then of course, OP is bald, but they can deal with that later.

Or he could be a ginger and they would burn off like that :)

YDI for stealing her hat. That's not a very lice thing to do.

Yeah, a more lice thing to do would be to drink her blood.

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That was a LOUSEy joke

I just laughed aloud . thank you .

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hahaha.... it's funny because he replaces nice with lice.

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gross lol

that sucks... good luck getting rid of them :/

It snows every time she shakes her head. Does empirical observation count?