By Lor - Canada - Toronto

Perfume Allergy Man strikes again!

Today, a woman got on the bus wearing extremely strong perfume and sat in the seat in front of me. The gentleman I was sitting next to began violently sneezing, so much so that he eventually sneeze-vomited all over my lap and backpack. FML
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  rotflqtms_  |  18

F both of their lives. One of them had to deal with vomiting... the other had to deal with some stranger's vomit all over their lap and backpack... your own vomit off your things is already gross enough, but having to walk around with someone else's vomit on your pants and your backpack? And dealing with the smell? No bueno! And we don't know if OP was going home from somewhere or going somewhere.

By  crashtestdumplin  |  16

Oh no! Sorry that happened, I am sensitive to smells too, I always end up with a migraine and nausea in public. I feel bad for both of you! I understand wanting to smell nice and perfume/ cologne may give one confidence and what not, but if you expect to be in a closed area with little personal space, maybe adjust how much or get a travel size for your final destination. Chances are it will be an offensive odor to more than one person.