By DommeAshlee - South Africa - Kwandengezi
Today, I woke up to my cat giving birth, on my bed. I adopted her from a friend, who told me she was spayed. Now I have a giant mess and a cat who won't let me move either her or her babies. Guess I'm sleeping on the couch for a while. FML
DommeAshlee tells us more :
This is OP. Mama and babies are safely tucked away in the guest bedroom. The mom put up one hell of a fight and i have the scratches to prove it. All six kittens are doing fine. Spoke to my friend, she admitted to lying about spaying the cat. I told her she could pay the vet bills and buy me a new mattress.
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  Old unused  |  13

If you're going to have a cat pun, please make it a good one.

  xTrepidation  |  14

Grabbing the mother by the neck may not work and I believe it can hurt them when they're older. It'll work great for the kittens because they instanly freeze, they look like little zombies. When my friends cat had kittens she turned aggresive if you attempted to pick her up by her neck. Since OP's cat is already stressed and overprotective it might be a bad idea.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

^This. Leave MamaCat alone for a few days, let her settle in, THEN make her a cozynice space and gently move her. Don't touch the scruff of an adult cat.

Also, feed her more, high-protein food. Nursing Mama needs extra nutrition.

  Salimitis  |  8

My adult cats react perfectly fine to scruffing, but I do agree with waiting for the Mom cat to settle in. If your cat is heavy, you just have to support their bottom. Both of mine still freeze in place when I scruff them. One is 3 years old, and the other is 1.5.

OP might also wait until the Mom cat leaves to go to the litter box, or to eat, close the door, and then move the kittens to a little cozy box with bedding that is close by. It's sad that OP didn't have much time to bond with the Mom cat before she had her litter. The cat might be more trusting.

  Quiet_one  |  22

Adult cats can be scruffed, but you can hurt them if you pick them up by the scruff without providing support somewhere else. Scruffing is really useful for picking up an especially uncooperative cat without getting bitten and clawed to death, you just need to scoop your other hand under the cat's back end so the entire body weight isn't hanging on the scruff.

  Old unused  |  13

Okay, get ready for the cat puns!