By Bondi414 - / Wednesday 15 February 2012 05:05 / United States
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That's a stupid rule. He would save more money if he stopped feeding you and letting you drink.... No toilets to flush either then. Damn cheap ass, just flush anyway, that's disgusting.

  R3TROxLOV3  |  32


My dad also used to have the same rule, but after a week he gave it up because like the OP, our house smelled like piss. When you have 2-4 people peeing a few times everyday and not flushing it, the smell of stale piss makes its way through the house. No pissing in other rooms required.

  Sebastian_NG  |  17

62 - I don't know if it's just in my case, but one time when my toilet was out of order and I couldn't flush it, I got the bathroom and all of the adjacent area smelling like pee because I sleepwalked and went to pee every night for a week, and especially if you leave it like that for so long, something happens in the toilet, God knows what, and it starts reeking very strongly of amonia, that's why I feel very sorry for OP, it must be hell in her house right now.

  pattipan  |  7

You are right on, No. 68.

My parents also instituted this rule when my brother and I were in high school. We had two toilets and within days, the whole three-story house absolutely reeked of urine.

We'd flush if someone came over but the smell lingered and guests were disgusted.

Thirty years later my parents still have this disgusting rule. Whenever you enter their home, the stench of urine hits you and these days they don't even bother to flush for guests, so to use their powder room is to see a bowl full of their accumulated piss in all its glory.

There is a line between 'economical' and 'nuts' and I'm afraid these two crossed it years ago.

  Akai_fml  |  4

Keep a tally of every time you would have flushed but couldn't because of the rule. Then, when no one is home, flush that many times.

The lack of a dent in the water bill may cause your father to reconsider his disgusting practices.

  ajh557  |  22

#49 it's to save water dumb fuck and it's not that hard to stop the piss smell all you have to do it put down the toilet lid and flush once a day if no one pooped but hey everyone else's ideas seem great


Try get out of the city then. You usually follow it in the spring if you have a septic tank til it can be pumped. That said, you also flush every few pees too! You don't let it build for days.

  okiidokii_fml  |  6

Yeah and if he doesn't let you flush tell him their tons of bacteria in pee and you read and article if you get other peoples pee on you and when you get sick it will be 62% harder to get better due to the extra bacteria. (not true but oh well)

  girl112891  |  7

Flush and say you happen to poop allot. He's not going to come in and check the bowl for poo before allowing you to flush is he? Or pee in the yard. Or just close the toilet lid and walk around with air freshener. Good luck!

  islander03  |  5

Soo I said awkward I didn't say I'm embarrassed or worried I just said everyone knows when everyone poos. And actually the people who are fastest to name call like u hinting I'm immature are usually the immature ones...

  Furrywhiplash  |  14

Boomhauer18- You need to stop your little bitching everytime somebody makes a remotely rude comment. It's the WORLD WIDE web, you can't convince everyone on it to stop being a jerk. Most of the time you just yell at people making corrections, when such mistakes can complete alter the perspective/meaning of the comment. Plus, perdix is well respected on FML and makes a pretty viable point in his comment.

  Furrywhiplash  |  14

42- I am fully aware you can say what you want, just letting you know that the context of your comments usually come across as bitching. Such as both of your comments on this thread.

  TheNewGuy03  |  26

Guys, seriously...

When is Perdix ever serious? For a site that's made to entertain, there are definitely an overwhelming amount of humorless sods.

|the kid|

  jelmermcgee  |  8

Boomhauer 18, perhaps you should take your own advice and get a life. It's always amusing to see someone who is a dick with no life tell someone else to stop being a dick and get a life. You sir, are a moron.

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