By Anonymous - 04/12/2015 22:17 - United States

Today, even after recovering and being able to walk again, my dad keeps peeing in a bucket by his bed. He sees nothing wrong with this, even though it smells. FML
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If he recovered from eye surgery then I think you should take him back to the doctor OP

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That's gross. I would avoid his room.

I touched my brother's pee the other day. I went to pet my dog and asked "Why is he wet..?" my brother couldn't contain his laughter as he said "When I took him out I peed off the porch and when he ran up to the porch I wasn't sure if I got him or not cause it was dark. I guess I did." Sorry, this just reminded me of that. I hope you aren't the one who has to change the bucket so there's no chance of you getting pee on you!

Just hide the bucket and water the plants with the pee. DON'T DO THE SECOND PART.

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He is working his way to a DIY en suite.

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It still sucks having to live with someone who becomes used to being lazy.

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my dad kept doing this and no matter how much i told him to stop he just kept doing it. so annoying