Timing is crucial in comedy

By Anonymous - 16/10/2010 06:44 - United States

Today, I was on an airplane that was experiencing some turbulence. Feeling anxious, I reached over and grabbed my husband's hand for comfort. He then said, "Why are you scared of dying? You're not even pretty." FML
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ChelseaXD 0

What a dick.

tell him that's not what his boss said.


IScreamRawr 4


KingDingALing 9

Tell him "Shut up, you have a little dick." Say it loudly so that everyone hears you.

MrsxBillxKaulitz 5

i agree with 11. sorry though, that's terrible.

MyChemical_fml 0

You should have said "Sorry, this turbulence is giving me a better orgasm than your tiny fucking dick." and then read his FML about it.

Daerauko 0

I'd go to Disney world.

totally agree with 64 :)

trueblue42 4

wtf is wrong w/ your husband, why is he so mean? what a dick.

ChelseaXD 0

What a dick.

@2 That's what she said!!!! ^NiceGuyz^

taht is my pic

well it is now an it used to be too

FFML_314 11

Ugly people should die! DUNDUNDUN! I'm next..

shutup ur pretty

FFML_314 11

That's called makeup. Trust me, I'm an ugly mother fucker. :)

Oh my gosh. Please stop putting yourselves down. It's honestly not doing any good for anyone. If someone says you're pretty, they mean it. You're beautiful. (:

FFML_314 11

Thank you. I was being sarcastic though.

Touching moment.

now let's all hold hands and sing kumbaya

wtf guys! She IS ugly! go die :)

xGet_Over_It 0

39 - That was hilarious haha.

lindsey1023420 5

Hahahahaha! yesssss.

corytheboss 0

yeahh I'm in love lol

and fat don't forget fat

At least she has a real picture of herself, not some chick that sounds good edited completely (;

Fishing for compliments is so attractive.

FFML_314 11

I guess saying "I was being sarcastic" is hard for some people to understand ;). I'm fat? Yes, but I decided last December that I'm going to be a pumpkin for Halloween as opposed to a Skelton. I just want to be accepted by the village people! ARGH! What ever will I do. By the way, my post was from a video on YouTube. ;)

ew u are next why weren't u first

FFML_314 11

You're an idiot. I will take having a brain over being good looking, which by the way, you're neither.

Lauren10102 3

what about you, anybody who has a money symbol in their name has to be ugly. Plus you wont even put a pic of urself up... what does that say about u?

123, exactly the point I was trying to make :)

potterfreak3949 0

ever heard of manners? or not being a bitch? you have a weird nose. stfu

You are a real bitch... Jeez be nice it's not that hard

Btw I'm talking about 117

OMG screw him!

that's just what he wants...

dislike this comment and you get free Popsicle

Can I have my Popsicle?

yeah im sure thats what he said.

zkchild 0

Unless he was joking or you're in the middle of a divorce I can't see why he would say that and be sincere So I can't take this fml seriously.

jonan1212 5


JayBear14 11

that is incredibly shallow and uncalled for :/ I'm so sorry he said that to you, it was undeserved. also inaccurate, it doesnt matter what you look like, your allowed to have a fear. everybody does.