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  melonrind  |  8

9-Slow your roll Hostile Heffalump....I didn't say to disregard her {stupid decision that led to} stomach being pumped ....I simply stated that op would more than likely, be chatting with his Dad....

  K_kanaka  |  26

O my bad i didn't mean to come off serious. I was just saying what i would've done in that situation. But yea the talk between OP's dad and him must be really awkward right now.


seriously, how awkward is it going to be at THAT family christmas? good wedding story though I suppose...."I knew my son had met the girl he was going to marry when I picked her up in the ambulance, with alcohol poisoning, and she was just so darn sweet and dainty. I knew she was the one"

  ygdrassil  |  17

OP's in the US, though. Usually people involved in medicine aren't allowed to share patient information with anyone (including OP) under HIPPA. Doesn't that apply to ambulance drivers?

  TheDrifter  |  23

Parents get an ever increasing list of the stupid things their kids do. Is it any wonder that we tally them all up and come to the conclusion that our child is a moron?

  perdix  |  29

#5, because FML is more fun when you exercise your freedom to assume facts not in evidence.

Sure, I guess there are people that engage in binge drinking and that is the only thing fucked up in their lives, but it's a lot more likely that she's fucked up in several ways.