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Today, I went into hysterics and started crying when my boyfriend pulled out a Tiffany's box at dinner. Then I found out he'd used the old box to make the $15 earrings he bought seem more "special." FML
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I'm sorry your boyfriend fulled a romantic gesture and you're being a bitch crying about it on FML, OP.

Does price really matter?? At least he got you something


I'm sorry your boyfriend fulled a romantic gesture and you're being a bitch crying about it on FML, OP.

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Somehow I don't really see putting 15$ earrings in a Tiffany box that romantic

I don't see why she's bitching about gettin some earrings

yah, honestly guys aren't made of money like seriously. at least he made the effort to get them for you. and think about it, he obviously knew 15 dollar earrings aret the most meaningful gift so at least he made the effort to make you feel better about it.

Haha yeah really, I could see how she might be disappointed if she thought it was a wedding ring. But to send it in as a FML... shiiit your life isn't ******.

Yeah OP should be more great full for getting earrings. Guys don't have secret money trees or anything. FHL that you weren't very great full about his still thoughtful gift.

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why are you being a bitch about it?? I mean he got you earrings and even put it in a pretty box! I'd be grateful if I were you.

I know it's like "FML my boyfriend bought me earrings.."

Wow most of you cannot spell. But I see her point. Boyfriend pulls out a TIFFANY box. She is thinking it is an engagement ring. Of course she is going to be overly emotional. Then she finds out her bf just recycled a box to make something cheap look expensive. He knew that would happen. You can go to Walmart and ask for a box but he had to use the Tiffany one. Yes it was sweet he got her a gift but he knew what she would think.

I agree with 65. sure it isn't the worst fml ever, but the boyfriend took what could have been a nice gift and turned it into a dissapointment.

No one looked at op's name? "no ring for me"? She thought se was being proposed to, not to get earrings.. Especially if they have been an item for a while. I understand why she felt iffy if se exapected a ring and got earrings instead. Would still be happy for the earrings though..

I voted YDI as soon as I read, "I went into hysterics and started crying." I stand by that decision.

YDI for bitching about getting a nice gesture and being greedy. Women like you are disgusting.

107, she wasn't being "greedy". if he gave her the same gift in a normal box, she would have been perfectly happy and grateful. but imagine what she's thinking: "oh my god, he's pulling out a TIFFANY box! It must be an engagement ring! (sobs hysterically) oh, its just a pair of 15$ earrings. it wasnt that the earrings were insufficient, its just he mislead her with the assumption that she was about to get a engagement ring, and it would almost seem insulting that he tricked her like that, especially since she got so emotional

She's only talking about it because she thought he was proposing and got excited, only to be completely wrong. Honestly, no need to call people nasty things.

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She's not bitching she got all worked up the let down. But why a tiffany box!?!?!?

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So true! And hey, maybe if she ever does get that ring the earrings will match?

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108, he did not mislead her, she jumped to conclusions. The only way he would have mislead her would be if he dropped to one knee pulled out the box and opened it to present the earrings.

167- if ever got an engagement ring I wouldn't want it to match a cheap pair of earrings, but that is just my opinion

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So what is "Tiffany's"I may sound idiotic but humor me, please?

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187 - Tiffany's is a jewelry store.

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That is a fantastic point 172!

Let me translate this "FML" in guys language. It's like your girlfriend getting you a newly released XBOX 720, only to find out that it just contains an outdated, original XBOX...

All I got was a break up, so I'd take the earrings

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Actually... You got it wrong I think. I think she was crying BECAUSE it might have been a ring from Tiffany's. And when she found out it was only a box, she was kind of disappointed.

218- I would go into start crying and go into hysterics for an original Xbox in perfect condition. The only console you can play The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind on.

It's not the fact that she got cheap earrings, it's the fact that she didn't get proposed to. Still sucks, why would you use a Tiffany box?

The box makes the earrings seem a little too special...

It's really the thought that counts. Stop being concerned with how much money it cost

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So the thought of misleading your girlfriend with expensive jewelry that turns out to be only 15 $ should be taken in as positively? Face it, this guy was too selfish to go put out money towards someone else.

$15 is a whole hour of work, I'd take it anytime

I just feel like a lot of women take too much into account of how much something cost. If it isn't expensive then he doesn't care about me

I don't think she's complaining that the earrings were only $15, I think the problem here was that she thought he was going to propose, and felt tricked by the Tiffany's box.

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The most popular thing that Tiffany's sells is their "Return to Tiffany's" necklace. So she was probably just expecting something from Tiffany's not just a ring...

For the people saying she wasn't expecting a ring, look at her username. It's "noringforme" so obviously she was expecting it

24: Where's the evidence that the BF is selfish? That he only spent $15 on jewelry for the OP today? OTOH, the OP is the kind of person who "(goes) into hysterics" at the sight of a jewelry box. Maybe the OP's BF is wise for not proposing.

29- that's two hours of work if you're working for minimum wage. Maybe he cant afford nice jewellery.

"My ex loved the Tiffany's jewelry I got her, so I figured the box she left behind would make this extra-special for you!"

Almost 2 hours, with minimum wage and taxes

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He really knows how to treat a girl.

Yea he doesn't have the means to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on Tiffany's jewelery but buys her a thoughtful gift anyway and tries to make it look a little nicer by getting a nice box, poor OP her life must be terrible.

not every girls get excited by the sight of money. not every girls are prostitutes

Does price really matter?? At least he got you something

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Yeah, but she's bitching about not being proposed to.

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Wasn't apologizing for OP's shitty, entitled attitude, I was just pointing out how #4 was missing the whole point of her FML.

I was actually under the impression that a big part of OP's reason for considering this an FML was that she was embarrassed for making a big display over the gift when it wasn't really anything to start crying over. Because it was Tiffany, she was probably expecting a going steady or engagement piece. The fact that it WASN'T a commitment piece was what got her down, NOT solely the fact that the jewelry itself was 15 bucks.

20, She certainly could ask him. But when was the last time you saw an engagement ring for men advertised? Hey, there's an idea! Let guys wear those attractive but often unpractical things on the third finger of their left hand for the rest of their lives. In addition to the wedding ring, which is often given by bride to groom. Then you could get the swag, too! Hey, FML guys: would you want an engagement ring? Would you want to be expected to wear it?

96, I stand corrected! Wow, men really can get engagement swag! That'll teach me to assume first and google second. jsfromga, would you wear one? Or, do you already?

jsfromga, thanks for your reply. I like learning new things, even when I feel like an ass.

#8 no I did not miss the point of the FML I understood it just as well as you did. All you have to do is look at the username

151, No apology required. This is FML, and a bit of snark can get a point across well. Very to sorry about your situation; this FML must be like a sore tooth. Best of luck in getting through it all. Re the FML, it says to me that she is likely a traditionalist and wanting the "ask," of which a ring is the symbol of both commitment and the man's ability to provide for the woman. As for retrogressive: there is a lot of that going around. After the non-engagement-ring fiasco, she likely felt embarrassed, foolish, and angry (hence FML). Emotionally cooling down and talking it out might need to come first, then with it a sincere thanks for the earrings. Me? I proposed to a guy, sans ring. He declined but later proposed to me, offering ring. I just wanted to skip the whole ring business. We settled on wedding rings for both. He was the more traditional one; culture clash was a big part of why we didn't marry.

Apprehension, doubt, and guilt are likely in the stew the poster and her boyfriend are in. Poster and her boyfriend had a big clash of expectations. Things often seem to be the tangibles on which emotions are laid and played out. I value FML not just for the laughs, but for how the fun can mix with thoughtful differing perspectives. It's the human comedy. Sometimes it is easier to hear things from strangers (and say things to them) than those close to us. Sometimes we can't clarify for ourselves what we are thinking until it comes out of our mouth (or fingers). Why it's great when posters come back and comment in their own posts.

I understand being upset about thinking he was going to propose, but I don't get people's obsession with expensive jewelry. A guy could get me a ring from a vending machine and I would marry him if I loved him.

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In this case it seems more like lack of thought.

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What a cheapass. If he already had a Tiffany box but gave you $15 earrings it means hes holding back...Or he thought you just wouldn't notice

Find the post about the graphite ring and refer to the comments please

OP you stop bitching at least he tried and bought you something. He even bothered to look for a tiffany box. Now appreciate him and maybe one day he'll propose to you.

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OP prefers the fantasy life he/she lives in LOM

He might even propose with a ring pop from Jared's