By Fauxgeek - 28/06/2016 01:29

Today, my 84-year-old grandmother taught me a keyboard shortcut. FML
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My grampy's the same age and his phone's better than mine! My 54yo uncle's trying everything he can to get me to use these damn smartphone things!

Don't do it. They just gather information about you and hold it in the cloud for better hackers than the last team they guarded the system against.

Never under estimate the smarts of old farts.

I always collected my old farts in a jar and took them with me whenever I needed to take an exam. It's how I passed my classes.

Welshite, you passed your classes by passing gases?

Of course 14, that's how you pass chemistry. ... At least I hope it was chemistry, otherwise I would feel really sorry for the rest of the class. Oh and English, but that's a whole other jar of farts... I mean thoughts. * scratches head* i'll just stop before my professor catches wind.

The word you're looking for is "hire" ;)

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Your suppose to learn something new everyday. Be happy that you grandmother was able to teach you something on the computer.

The elderly these days... All they talk about are those newfangled technologies I tell ya!

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Hey be glad you don't have to teach her how to use the computer.