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By oceangirl - 08/02/2012 00:14 - United States

Today, I texted my flatmate to ask him when he would be paying his portion of the rent, since he has told me he would be late this month. He wrote back to inform me that he had moved out last night while I was away, and that he won't be paying me anything. FML
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perdix 29

Tell him you're pregnant with his baby and that you'll "make it go away" if he pays the clinic fee (which will be what his rent payment should have been + a couple hundred extra for fun!)


What's the point in kicking him out when he moved out? Doesn't that kinda ruin it for yah.

Well I guss that's one way to avoid paying rent.

Take him to court and show something, anything showing that he agreed to pay $. You should have a rental agreement but if you dnt, txt messages from him saying he would pay is just as good. Good luck!

shanemaximo 7

Use a line from good old elder scrolls 4: "Then pay with your blood!!!"

Littlemiss__LOL 0

this contradicts your picture 'keep calm and carry on'

Not really. You can throw a bag of poo in a calm manner.

Draxanoth 15

A flaming bag of dog poo... Filled with radioactive scorpions that have mini machine guns mounted on thier backs... That'll show him.

Littlemiss__LOL 0

you forgot dancing spiders with whips. just because he'll never see them coming.

hilary56 0

That bastard, what sucks is you're probably not gonna do anything about it because it's probably under your name.

chubby_choco 17

You can still take legal action. My big brother had something similar done to him with a hefty mobile phone bill, and guess what? The douche who tried to screw him over paid every cent he owed.

Track him down, enter the building holdings an Uzi, and watch magic happen

OP: "want to see a magic trick? I can make that wall behind you turn red."

5 - or you could do it the legal way and take it to court.

I hope you are just talking shit because that is a really bad idea. Acting foolish with weapons could get you shot dead in your tracks. If you actually do carry a weapon, you unholster it only if you intend to use it. You do not pull a firearm on someone to gain leverage in an argument or disagreement. You pull a weapon to defend yourself or another person from harm. If you brandish a weapon in a threatening manner, the other person has the right to respond with force and could kill you, and not get in trouble for it. Fact. Another point, a lot of people have permits to carry concealed and do so all the time. Threaten one of them and you won't have long to wait for the magic you were referring to. Happy trails.

perdix 29

Tell him you're pregnant with his baby and that you'll "make it go away" if he pays the clinic fee (which will be what his rent payment should have been + a couple hundred extra for fun!)

op said flatmate, not boyfriend. where in the fml does it discuss they had sex in order to conceive this said baby?

Hey, you never know! There could've been that one drunken night where they hooked up.

perdix 29

It doesn't say it, it's just a ploy to extract the rent payment from the deadbeat roommate.* It's likely they never had sex, but if he got stinkin' drunk just once, that's when she could claim it happened. *This story is from the USA, so it's roommate, not flatmate. And, yes, if I were in Britain, I'd say flatmate.

perdix 29

#12, which is why you support Prohibition, I suppose? ;)

Doesn't have to be their boyfriend to have sex. Just saying. That is normal.

batummshakalaka 1

#26- Common, not normal. Perdix- You crack me up! :D

daa2138 0

Assuming they were having sex... Your suggestion is brilliant. You have my up vote

catkat1988 17

And you don't have some sort of contract stating you have to give a month or three months notice? Those come in handy when your room mate wants to pull a stunt like that.

see it as a good thing, he's an asshole and he's gone now. "money well spent"

Clamcreepy 7

I hope you cursed him out and let him know that he ****** you side ways by pulling this stunt. You should strongly consider of trying to get him to come back over and flatten his pockets and take what's yours then you got his ass in checkmate.