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Today, I found out that instead of having four wisdom teeth, I have eight. They all have to be removed as soon as possible, which happens to be over the Christmas break. I get to spend my whole vacation in excruciating pain and a swollen face to boot. FML
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& there's "sumthing" called spell-check. :)

Sorry, OP! That's an unfortunate anomaly. :(


...what? How can you even DO that? As in eight instead of one.

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it's actually two instead of one, and eight instead of four, if I read correctly. There are usually one on top left, one on bottom left, one on top right, and one on bottom right making four. But sometimes people might have only one, two, three, or maybe even zero if your lucky. But I think, OP has two on both sides, top and bottom. which indeed would be eight, instead of four. :)

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it just happens. kinda like how some people have extra toes or fingers. I still have a baby molar cuz there was never an adult tooth underneath

I have 13 fingers... Is there something wrong with that??

dood, wisdom teeth suck! I had my four pulled in august and it blew hairy goat balls. :/ yes. hairy goat balls **** da police! ~pineapple express.

I'll tell you a story *clears throat*: Once, a couple of years ago, I had to get a baby tooth removed from the front of my lower row. Well to make the story short, the dentist pulled so hard that instead of pulling one he pulled four. luckily they were all baby teeth so they grew up with time. But... I can still remember the stares and the embarrassment of knowing I was missing my four lower front teeth. D:

I'm a dental hygienist. Its common to have 0-5 wisdom teeth, but 8 is very rare. I've seen it, just rare. fyl op!

Same thing happened to me! I had my wisdom teeth out over Christmas break. Only thing was I was still too sick to go to school when break was over.

I'm an orthodontic technician and lab tech and see this sometimes....however I personally had six, extra upper 9's....can't even put it into regular/general dentistry positioning... -1? Is better with UR9, abnormal....

I had 6. It wasn't any worse than getting 4 taken out, not that I really have anything to compare it to, but thats what i was told, and I didn't have a difficult time with it. I made sure to take the pain medication and it didn't hurt too much

I had a tooth with 6 of the prong things. is that an abomination too?

I had 2 supernumerary wisdom teeth, hurt like a b-word when they we're taken out since they were so close to my cheekbones.OP's 4 extra must have been hell to remove, I can't even imagine (ಥ_ಥ)

the same thing happened to my brothers girlfriend. except she had 11. her sugery also happened over last Christmas.

When I had mine removed they gave me vicodin. It did next to nothing for the pain and made my nose itch all the time.

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& there's "sumthing" called spell-check. :)

there's something called FML where it doesn't matter (:

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Aw. That was a cute, yet very bitchy thing to say. I like you. :) and I was just kidding, trying to get some laughs.. FAIL. I wasn't trying to sound stuck up. D: Sowwy!

haha! I like you too (: & I don't think you came off as stuck up, or had to apologize. lol

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The pain only lasts for 3 days, or better yet get some oxicotin and you won't be in pain.

Oxycodine* Contin is illegal, even medicinally

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I love when people correct other people and are wrong.

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>oxicotin is illegal Tell me something I don't know dipshit. But that stuff does wonders for pain.

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I love when Schizo calls people out. It's pretty friggin funny 

yeah that is gonna be a really merry Christmas!!! painkillers FTW!!! tell Santa you want some percocet 10/325's. <-----that's a high dose...not an addict but, just had lots if painful stuff happen all at one time...

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I had complications to where they hurt for about two weeks. :/ LAME.

I don't care, I would still get a lot of ice cream.

It doesn't really mean anything. I said "You get a cookie if you know what illmatic is". Not "you get a cookie if you know what illmatic means".

It's the best hip-hop album ever. Google it.

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Illmatic is the best hip-hop album ever. Where's my cookie?

HahaHokayThen- Sorry but I don't really see how the fact that "hobos can't afford sammiches" fits into the context of this conversation..mind explaining?

Precious, I'm making some right now. I hope you like craisins. Damn comment bug.....

ughh it didn't post my comment. I said well Caitlon mentioned cookies so I mentioned sandwiches (: haha

48- it's also for wisdom teeth. when I got mine out I ate lots of pudding, mashed potatoes, ice cream and smoothies :) delishh

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Hm well its only for a couple of days..

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its not only for a couple of days, I got all four of mine out recently, the pain lasted over 2 weeks, and I still can't open my jaw all the way, and beware of the blood :|

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:O that sucks (n) did they put you to sleep or anything like that ?!

You and applesauce are going to be great friends for a while. Just be sure you don't drink out of any straws once you get them removed, or you'll light your mouth on fire from the pain.

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Sorry, OP! That's an unfortunate anomaly. :(

At least he didn't post twice. ^-^ -Fluffy McTiger

Or maybe it was great planning. Ah, and the mystery continues. You're welcome. -Fluffy McTiger

come here fluffy I have a nice deer for you... I think the giraffe is stupid and you should feed him to fluffy mc tiger guy

Well, then I shall take that nice deer... I hate to break your heart though, I'm a female. As for eating Trollz... I'm only one tiger and I'll be full from the deer. -Fluffy McTiger

You forgot YDI for living in Jersey. Tsk tsk

I have a similar problem. My wisdom teeth are growing forwards, not down and are cutting tge roots of my molars. I get em out next week.