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  zombicidal  |  11

I tried putting lobsters in my pants hoping they would fight off the crabs. no such luck they are now working together and have started a Utopia on my crotch

  downtime  |  12

1, Everything innocent...yes. I don't know about trying everything once though.

OP, Why does he need an excuse? He put on a bra, not stuck his dick in your toaster.

  fromthesuck  |  8

Well this is more than likely a case of being alone and bored. Nothing to be alarmed about in itself. Now being alone and bored I promise there was some wanking time set aside there. What you really need to worry about is if he he had already yanked it or if he was going to yank it in your bra. Then you might have an issue

  israelnotjacob  |  20

Even though it would have looked odd at the moment, he was probably just bored and randomly wondered what wearing a bra would feel like. Being curious about differences between you and the opposite sex is perfectly normal.


#25, his fitting into it doesn't tell you anything about her cup size. It only tells you that the circumference of his chest is smaller than hers. Cup size wouldn't come into it. He could squeeze into, for example, a 38-DD (big boob size) the same way he could squeeze into a 38-B (small boob size) if his chest isn't much larger than 38". He'd have it on and the cups just wouldn't be filled out. (?) Just saying. ^^

  cooLING  |  0

It's ok #48. You tried but it just isn't enough to penetrate. I find ironic how guys get mad when we don't get their crap meanwhile they don't bother to try to understand ours lol.


Damnit, 98, that's ma'am to you ^^ and I wasn't saying one size is better than another! I said you can't gauge the size of the OP's boobs from the fact that her guy got her bra on. Jeeeeez. *calms her tits and exits quietly*

By  Clamcreepy  |  7

Doesn't sound like he'll be your boyfriend for long because I think he's role model Ru Paul has finally gave him that courage he needed to try on women undergarments. It'll get worst with time

  downtime  |  12

"Correcting me wont stop me from saying your"
1.Having or showing dogged determination not to change one's attitude or position on something, esp. in spite of good arguments or reasons...

Yes, I do think you're stubborn. So does the dictionary. And every other person who speaks english.