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  albinoV  |  1

Your body draws current from voltage based on your body's resistance (a characteristic matter has that determines how easily current flows through it.) The current that will flow through your body, I, is determined by voltage V divided by resistance R (I = V/R). When you come into contact with voltage, your body's resistance, something you basically have no control over, determines how much current is drawn. Unless you're made up of clay or something, 1,000,000 volts is going to draw a lot of current.

  KelceyLoves  |  0

I eat as much as Michael Phelps and I've never weighed more than 95. I have a high metabolism and I exercise a LOT. This guy might have his mama's genes or something and also have a high metabolism:)

  anlhawks  |  5

me too!!! it's nice to know someone else is the same weight, age, and not anorexic! like srsly I'm 5'2 and yeah I'm skinny; I don't like it but hey. high metabolism. whattayah want me to do.?

  fivehuskies  |  6

#59 I think it's a girl because even a thin guy has more muscle than a girl by default. I know a really fucking skinny guy who doesn't lift and he weighs over 100lbs. Or it's a 9 year old boy in which case, why do you have a smart device and why are you on this app?

  MrHappybottms  |  6

Agreed. I'm 20, 5'7", a guy, and I weigh around 90 pounds. I eat a ton, I exercise when I can. I'm not anorexic, I'm not malnourished. I have a very high metabolism and it honestly does suck a ton. No matter how hard I try I can't gain any weight. So fuck all of you trying to crack jokes or insults.

  Cjw1220  |  0

Well, I guess we could learn how to be literate. Like, maybe, capitalizing the first letter of the first word of a sentence, perhaps? Or maybe just by putting apostrophes where needed. Or by not stereotyping towards another nation by calling it fat, or calling the system in which we measure things a dumbass. I guess there is a lot we could learn about. What are they teaching at those American schools? How to appear as if our country as a whole would appear obese in comparison with all those "Normal" weighing countries. Tsk, Tsk. Silly Yanks.

  smartalek  |  2

#167. America's the fattest country out there. Canada DOES NOT use the customary system, but they do learn it. We can stereotype all we want. America is fat. No doubt about it.
And he can be young and small. ir doesn't say he's eighteen or anything. He could be twelve for all you know.