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Today, I was at a power lifting meet when a girl I really liked walked in. Trying to impress her, I increased my bench to 350, when I have only done 300 before. She then watched me drop it on my chest, breaking my breast bone, and also crying in the process. FML
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thats sucks but you deserve it, but isn't 300 impressive enough

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ydi for not getting yourself a spotter

as soon as i saw "trying to impress her" i clicked ydi

OP, I give you my deepest sympathy. Idiots like you should post FML's more often because we all feel for you.

WTF trying to impress her? girls usually care about personality and looks not strength! freaking lunkhead.

Can we seriously have some kind of code built into the FML software that detects the words "trying to impress" in an entry and gives it an automatic YDI?

That's a great idea. And if someone were to create that, they should also include an automatic YDI when the phrase "proceeded to" is being used. Which would make this FML a double YDI.

I guarantee that that girl can't tell the difference between 300 and 350. Honestly, I'd have to stand there and do the math real quick to tell how much you're lifting.

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Well she is hanging out at a power lifting meet, so either she's also a competitor or has some knowledge of the event. It's not hard to count weights with a little practice.

I bet she was there with her boyfriend...who can probably do 350 haha

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^ Good assumption. Which would make the situation even more hilarious.

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Lmfao number 1 And to everyone saying YDI...trying to impress a girl or not, no one deserves to have their collar bone broken! Sucks for you, OP :(

No sympathy for musclebound retards who go over their limits because "I was trying to impress this girl". OP, ever try talking to her first? Might be hard now that your chest has a dent in it.

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Yeah, probably with the way the breast bone broke.

thats sucks but you deserve it, but isn't 300 impressive enough

I wish I could bench 300. That is more than twice my weight!

Yeah that is SO much weight! I'm sure that 300 lbs would be impressive enough buddy.

Hey, my bench max is 485 and I think 300 is impressive. Especially for high school, which I'm pretty certain this is.

80 -- You do 485lbs? That's a damn lie. I go to the gym everyday and have seen the biggest guys, way bigger than u, do no more than 3 plates of 45lbs and 25lbs on each side. That's 320lbs. FIVE plates of 45lbs on each side is 450. You do more than that? No way buddy, not in this universe. However, 300lbs is pretty damn good. Only the pros do that much.

Cool good for you for going to the gym. However I feel that you really can't pass judgment on me, I'm a college football player with high NFL prospects, plus, you're judging a picture of me in high school, congrats. I know guys smaller than me who can rep out in the 500+ range. Please, think before you post.

ya some people just don't show how much strength they really have but then others look ripped but just lift bitch weight. it's just kinda the luck of the draw

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#94 - The bar adds about 35 lbs so it wouldn't be ten 45s

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94 - Assuming makes an ass out of you & me. But mostly just you.

#125 the bar weighs exactly 45 pounds just FYI :D

there are different bars weights ya dumb asses. the ones at y school only added 25.

YDI, if you had even attempted 350 once before I wouldn't say that, even though it would still be stupid to do just to impress someone. And unless she is into weight lifting herself she probably wouldn't notice the 50lb difference. And a persons muscle size doesn't indicated how much they can lift. I never lifted weights in high school, but I taught Tae Kwon Do 6 days a week and have a really fast metabolism so I just stay slim but after two weeks of weight training when I was 17ish I got to 220lbs for my max one time lift and I wasn't 120lbs and lifted 500lbs with my legs and didn't do more 'cause I didn't feel like finding more weights.

I weigh 140 and bench 150. 300 is crazy. and that one guy can't bench 485...

unless he is on crazy steroids, and if he is. grats. you have a tiny dick now

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So Keyman are you in college or in the navy? Or a nuclear propulsions engineer? Or a professional football player? I've read your comments for months, and while I'll admit I often find them funny, I get the nagging feeling you're completely full of shit. If I'm wrong, please excuse me, and good day to you, sir.

94-well I know a guy in high school who can bench 450 so it's not that far fetched

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50 pound increase is a big jump. If you want to increase your max then don't add too much weight.

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Agreed. Seriously, like a woman could really tell or care about the difference of 300 and 350 lb.

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oh God that sound painful!!!!!! But YDI!!

dude, seriously, she would have been just as impressed with your 300 bench. powerlifters and bodybuilders, don't let your ego get you injured. |the kid|

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is that you in the pic? goddamn train me please!

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5-listen to this man. I injured myself about 4 months ago at the gym. Over four months of issues from one tiny mistake. Not worth it.

Yeah 300 is the bar, two plates a side, two 35's, and two 2.5's, one per each side. That's impressive enough, especially for high school. Sure, I can bench more than that, but for high school that's not bad at all.

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Gratz on bulking up. You are lookin pretty scrawny in your profile pic.

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79 - bet you can't bench your ego

You deserved that. You'd think she would've been impressed at 300.

Who cares how much a person can lift? I know I never cared, it never occurred to me that ANYONE would care..