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Today, I found out my grandma wears dentures when I had to fish them out of a cooler. She lost them bobbing for beer at a local bar. FML
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Go grandma!! Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional :)


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Op sounds even more awesome. Drinking with your grandmother? Now thats just badass.

Your grandmother got so wasted that she left her dentures at a bar. She is a party ANIMAL! But seriously though if she's having fun, what's wrong with it? Enjoy your grandmother, maybe you both can go bar-hopping sometime

A word of advice, don't ask that kind of stuff in the comments. Use the messaging system.

Did you know your soul leaks out of your pupil? That's what seems to be going on. But no, seriously, it looks like they used grape jelly to make an interesting picture. Seems to have worked since it caught your eye.

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I'm pretty sure they originally said it was a leech, but it does sort of look like grape jelly like he said above.

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Or #4 simply could have used the reply button, but still would have been thumbed down.

Oh, the last time my grandma took her teeth out, it absolutely scarred my little sister so she no longer does funny stuff like that, be glad your granny has a good sense of humour, there's nothing worse than meeting a sour old woman!

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Go grandma!! Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional :)

She sounds like a cool granny. I had a gran who was pretty fantastic and cool. I'm glad I knew her :)

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