By Chris - 03/04/2011 17:41 - United States

Today, I was awoken by my dad yelling into my ear. In shock, I jumped up off the couch, and came smashing down into the coffee table. FML
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HowDidIGetHere 0

Time to get a new dad...

you_failed 15

Ouchies! But now you know what to do when he's taking a nap... :D


HowDidIGetHere 0

Time to get a new dad...

been there, bro. the coffee table was glass, though.. and I wasn't asleep, I was eating macaroni.

SirEBC 7

And a new coffee table.. Sorry, I had to say something relevant to your comment so that I could tell you that Brokencyde is ******* awesome.

brokencyde= shit. The only thing they're good for is working for poison control to induce vomiting.

rebekahah 7

just go pick one up at Dads R Us. :)

Ihatethesenames 0

I agree with db rainbow they suck ass

Avenged7Gabe 0

GOD I HATE BROKENCYDE SO MUCH, how can someone like that shit

just the image of this made me crack up haha... fyl and ydi

I've done this before... except I broke a glass one. and I wasn't asleep, I was boiling macaroni.

testthecoal 5

what's with you and macaroni?

Msbunny, have you ever tried putting bacon in it?

HowDidIGetHere 0

bc13 is awesome. but seriously is her dad abusive or something ? he screamed in her goddamn ear.

HowDidIGetHere 0

25 hell yeah!

lsswimmer 1

dad apopo

lsswimmer 1

dad apopo


I agree 35

dragon0000 7


TwatRot69 0

MissBunny. The macaroni thing was funny the first time, but now it's just old... Make a new joke or something, you don't need to bring it up in every FML. We get it, you love macaroni... Move on.

TwatRot69 **** you. I'll move on when I'm damn well good and ready to. have fun in your mother's basement masturbating and eating cat shit. Love, MissBunny25

TwatRot69 0

Onomonom. Cat shit's my favorite.

LikDezNutz 0

Not sure about this whole macaroni thing so someone wanna explain that? xP (new member)

macaroni is the greatest. don't make me shit on yo face whoever messed with ms bunny

KW28 5

this is also a situation

Agiggleaday 0

Do the same to him

Snipedog42 0

were you drunk

KiddNYC1O 20

Chances are he was. He was sleeping on the couch on a Sunday. Must have been a great Saturday!

you_failed 15

Ouchies! But now you know what to do when he's taking a nap... :D

Just because you hump legs all day long doesn't mean everyone else does. It doesn't solve all problems. Silly puppy.

DaJavelin 0

WIN ^^

humping legs solves all of my damn problems all the damn time. bitch.

So help me God I will get the vacuum if you don't SETTLE THE FUCK DOWN!

vacuum are for cats. or puppy small enough to get sucked into the tube.

No, both dogs and cats are afraid of vacuum cleaners.

No... Dogs and cats aren't afraid of vacuum cleaners at all. You must have some bazaar animals.

Time to get a new coffee table. :p

flashback.miss 28


You must've gotten some pretty nice air

denvan 0

Get a buzzer next time wake up your dad like that

You must've gotten some pretty nice air

this sounds like a job for icewater and air horns


sounds like a job to PUT A FRIGGEN SHIRT ON, dude. grow a pair. ur killin me. want my shirt? might be a lil wide though