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Today, I learned the only job that actually wants me is as a peanut butter factory worker. I've been unemployed for 9 months. I'm also allergic to nuts. FML
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They are legumes, not nuts. Try looking it up before you act so sure of yourself. Just because it has nut in the word does not make it a nut. i.e a starfish is not a fish.


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That's what I was wondering..

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First thing that came to my mind when I read this.

Yes, sir Alan. *runs and hides in corner*

I once lost out on a decent job because of my minor latex allergy (it was maintenance and biohazard waste disposal at one of the top hospitals in the country)... I'm pretty sure there's a "so dumb [I] failed a blood test" joke in here somewhere but I'm still too bitter to find it.

well at least you can't be gay even if you tried. lol

you know that's illegal right? they can't discriminate because of an allergy. they are required to provide "reasonable accommodation" ie: latex-free gloves, like vinyl ones. I work with a girl (in a pastry kitchen) who almost got fired for not wearing gloves. turned out she was not wearing them cause she's allergic to latex. they ordered some vinyl ones, problem solved.

ohmygod. i totally asked the same thing. if your allergic to nuts, then you would take into action, and try to get a job that you could actually qualify for.

that was just stupid on his part to apply for that type of job knowing your allergies, plus did anything bad or embarrassing happen to you? No, which proves this is not an fml. YDI

don't you have to have a teaching degree to be a teacher? I always thought so. if that's the case, why get one if you hate kids?

or is that not the case in France? I don't know other countries rules

this reminds me of a less hardcore version of a saw game like heres how it would start for him JIGSAW-hello lets play a game u have no money to pay ur bills and r in desperate need for a job but the only job is one tht ud be allergic to can u with stand ur allergies to make the money u need. OP-noooooooo!!!

Is there some sort of requirement that you have to eat the nuts? If not then what's the problem?

People with severe nut allergy cannot even stand the smell of nuts. In high school we had a girl who was severely allergic even to the smell, and we were banned from taking peanut butter sandwiches and snicker-bars etc to school! Her throat would swell up and she cannot breathe even just from the smell. Also, a while a go on the news there was a teenage girl who had died after kissing her boyfriend after he had peanut butter on toast before school! Why do you think it always says "may contain traces of nuts" on almost all chocolate substances? Because nut allergies are quite serious.

True story: A guy ate a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and did not brush his teeth after. A bit later he met up with his girlfriend who had severe peanut allergies and kissed her. She died within a few hours.

Natural selection at work! If this keeps up, In a few millenia nut allergies could be non existent! People die from kissing. People fail to reproduce from lack of money stemming from inability to work at peanut factories.

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oh:( sorry mate. another job will come along where u won't potentially die

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they dont want you, they just feel sorry for you.

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ummm, okay you idiot. Why the hell would you apply to the place then? Your dumb ass deserves to be unemployed.....

Were you nuts to even try applying for that job?

Uhhhh sorry but that was just retarded. Good job for trying?

a vital point OP seems to not grasp: peanuts aren't nuts. most people with peanut allergies don't have tree nut allergies. So peanuts wouldn't effect someone with a nut allergy. And unless your peanut allergy is incredibly severe, you can work around them, just wear a mask! I have a bad enough peanut allergy where I can't eat them, but I can smell em without harm.

The OP probably either didn't think about wording when they wrote the FML, or meant to say peanut allergy. Since they're an adult that's looking for a job, we can probably assume that they know what they're allergic to, and wouldn't turn down a job in this economy unless they were sure that it would be hazardous to their health.

my boyfriends little brother can't smell peanuts without a reaction, let alone touch them or eat them. allergies are very specific to the person. and it's very possible that OP is allergic to tree nuts AND peanuts.

Why would u apply for a job you can't go in? And how did you apply? I call bullshit-or complete idiot: which is it?