By creys - United States
Today, I went to Target with my dad, and he told me to get in the shopping cart. I thought he was being cool and wanted to push me around. He snorted and said he was thinking about crashing me into a car and suing the driver. FML
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  oj101  |  33

#12 because you're only small enough take a ride in a trolley off a parent when you're 8 and under. Generally, it's a thing younger kids do, and not mature adults.

By  DocBastard  |  38

If he's really that desperate for money, he should try selling plasma or sperm or a kidney.

This sounds like something the Jackasses would do. There's a reason they called themselves that.

  MissMae93  |  23

30 - Oh no, don't get it twisted. She's 14 - that's where the issue is. I can't count the number of times I've ridden in a shopping cart. It's exceptionally fun with a good layer of ice/snow on the ground.

  cheekyterier  |  13

i was referring to the fact he wanted to sue, not the shopping carts; my friends and i take them to our frozen pond in the winter and race across it, its the best xD