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Well that's first aid, commando style.

You could sue them, get some money out of the deal? Or do the right thing and but the place a first aid kit, then sue them when you find a dead mouse in it.


I hope that washcloth was clean at least.

I hope your hand is ok

the wash cloth and the tape made the cut.

Cut it out... It's not her fault her manager is an inconsiderate rag...

he forgot to give you the cutton

you poor thing.

"there, there!"

amileah13 26

Pretty sure in some way that's like an OSHA (if that's how it's spelt) violation on his part. And if the customers knew you were working like that and serving their food that way, a law suit is coming.

That boss would never get away with that in Australia. AU is very strict regarding safety laws. He would get his ass kicked by WorkCover.

Well that's first aid, commando style.

Eh, just rub some dirt on it.

We have a first aid kit, but it has MAYBE 2 band aids in it? Most of the time we apply pressure until it stops, wrap it in toilet paper or paper towel and throw a glove on. seems to work well

Well.... If the bleeding was heavy then what's a band-aid supposed to do? Maybe I'm just a bogan but a roll of duct tape replaces half the contents of a basic first aid kit

Is your manager fucking idiot? Does he not give a shit about contamination and health violations? Clearly.

Nobody gives a shit about health codes, when you're in hell's kitchen.

#14 It's all about health codes when you are working in a kitchen, fast food or not. I'd think in Hell's Kitchen especially.

#34 I don't think he meant Hell's Kitchen as in in New York, but rather Hell's kitchen down below

In this case, you can't "have it your way".

I guess she wasn't Loving It

That's a sanitary concern and health issue.

You should report the manager...oh wait!

They can report that manager to corporate. Not only is this manager not taking care of his employees, but this is a sanitary problem.