By Nchristine - 27/05/2010 20:59 - United States

Today, I came home to find my dad had backed into my already crappy car. The reason they didn't buy me a nicer car in the first place was they were afraid I'd wreck it. FML
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dang although they don't really have to buy you a car

how about you get a job and the BUY yourself a nicer car like the rest of the world. I mean at least you have a car whether crap or not.


dang although they don't really have to buy you a car

They do if they have money it's in the rulebook for parents.

Ahh the smell of irony in the morning..

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three cheers for sweet, sweet irony

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well try to pimp your car out

OP I am going to need to have a word with your dad. Have him call me first thing in the morning tomorrow.

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lol at 18. It's still on?

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I really dislike when parents do that. DAFP

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exactly how is this an FML cuz I i dont get it either u got a bucket car and ur dad crash in to it or u crash it and ur parents were right???

buy your own car. I paid for my own car gas and all when I was only 16.

Well get your Dad to pay for fixing it right? He has to pay since he ran into it problem solved. Plus you don't have to hurt this guy down to pay the money, you already know him

Wtf are you talking about? My parents are ******* loaded and I had to buy my own car.

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that sucks I'd be pissed... when I was 16 my dad bought a 7500$ 4 wheeler instead of getting me a car... he said my bf drives me anyways

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37 I don't think it works that way. All the dad would have to say is that he messed up his own car since the parents are the ones that bought it and let's the daughter/son drive it.

that sucks. i hate crapppy cars! haha

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well if you just got your license then your dads right you shouldn't start driving in a nice car but that does suck that he backed into it

I have a nice car, but since my life sucks and I don't have any friends, it just sits in the garage.

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73 I think that's the right number is that Jon Lester:?D

this is no fml...this is an opening bid for a new ride

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At least they bought you this one so the nicer one wouldn't get wrecked! that would waste a lot more money.

No, they don't. Some parents think it's valuable to instil work ethics into their offspring by encouraging them to work after school in order to pay for their own expensive and not entirely necessary items (ie cars). Otherwise you see what's happened here, a kid with a sense of entitlement so big that she's bitching because her parents damaged HER car that SHE DID NOTHING TO PAY FOR HERSELF. Kids are not entitled to nice cars, regardless of how rich their parents are. After having served some of these punks while working in hospitality while I was at uni, a little time actually EARNING their money would do a lot to teach these kids not to treat people in customer service like they are utterly beneath them, simply because not everyone gets everything paid for by mother and father.

"Everyone needs someone to look down on, even murderers look down on child molesters in the prison" They would still most likely treat you like crap simply because they could. That sounds absurd but it's been my experience that even people who have worked in jobs dealing in customer service will still treat servers simply because that's the kind of person they are. I am not saying that all people are like because that would be unfair because there are people who are kind to their servers, cashiers, etc.. I am just saying that the teenagers and adults who look down on the servers of the world now, will still do so thirty years from now because it makes them feel important.

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well at least they didn't buy you a nice car and back into that one.

haha, my moms afraid I might kill someone when I get my lisence xP

stop whinging you didn't buy it dumbass

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68 how is your or my reply related to the seond post?..

how about you get a job and the BUY yourself a nicer car like the rest of the world. I mean at least you have a car whether crap or not.

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I agree with this, completely. learn how to be a functioning contribution to society, OP.

Omg Hope, you're huge! I see what they mean about pregnant women glowing :)

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only 5 or 6 more weeks to go :) I'm ready for baby, just waiting for baby to finish growing so s/he can be ready, too :)

You don't know the sex yet? And yay I'm excited for you! Babies are so cute! My neighbors just had one, can't wait to babysit!

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thanks remotebutton :) Jessie--it's a suprise! I'll tell Raleigh once the baby is here and he can pass on the news for me :)

Okay, sounds good! Aaaah I'm so excited for you! Congrats again! :)

Start saving so you can buy that kid a decent car!

hope are you buying your kid a car when he grows up :P

20- you look so cute with your belly! I bet you can't wait for the little munchkin to get here- but just wait til he or she keeps you up at night! lol It's worth it though!

wow, your parents bought you a car, but it wasn't the Mercedes like you wanted. FYL, OP. I can't imagine the hardships you must face in your life. like, what if one day they make you get a job?! FYL for being a spoiled brat. you're not entitled to shit. you should have to ride a bike around and get a job so you can learn the value of money.. you are a waste of life. when you have to spend your own money, you probably won't want to spend it so frivolously. **** your parents life for raising such a shitty excuse for a person.

Well...they're just parents... YDI

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yeah, I know kids don't like this fact, but yes, parents are people too! They **** up, they do and say stupid things just as easy as the rest of us..

ur parents ar bitches and say "so u said u thought I would wreck it?"

Suck it up and deal with it, At least it wasn't your fault. Make him get you a new car now. :D

Good parents, now you can crash into their car without feeling bad.

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that just proves the parents were right for getting him a crappy car

76, what the **** are you talking about? The parents made what's called a "self-fulfilling prophecy". It's the dad's fault the car was wrecked, not the OP's. They didn't want to get the OP a car because they thought s/he'd wreck it, and by God, they proved themselves right, didn't they? Ugh, sorry for the wall of text. It's just that the seeming inability or refusal of some of this site's denizens to comprehend the posts here irks me.

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I like your picture. hahaha nice

i fully brought my own car. lil red corolla. in relatively quick sucession I managed to rear end a vr4, smash the front while reversing and aquaplane off the motorway into a big wooden sign. your parents had the right ideA, I think you just exceeded expectations :p

o_0 wow...please refrain from driving...with a track record like that I'm pretty sure you're going to kill someone soon...

I don't even know what to say to that, except that you're *really* not a good driver.

canada's worst driver nominee^^^ (it's a show)