By VacationRuined - 16/06/2013 23:22 - Japan - Tokyo

Today, I left for a one and a half month trip to Japan with my boyfriend. He promptly broke up with me the first night in the hotel. When asked why he couldn't have waited until the trip was over, he said he didn't want to create "false memories". FML
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What a heartless prick. I'm really sorry OP.

Just because there are a lot of fish doesn't mean she can catch them.


Just because there are a lot of fish doesn't mean she can catch them.

ladies and gentlemen we have a pessimist over here. ^

Don't forget the mercury. Japan has that mercury.

There's also plenty of sharks and dolphins in the sea. Not to mention trying to compete with sperm whales.....

.....many of those fish look like cute Japanese girls and your man wants to unpack his fishing rod...

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Go to a koi pond for starters. Start with a small group and if that fails go commercial fishing in the ocean.

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I like those private fishing holes where you pay to catch farm-raised catfish. Sure the fish look a little ratty, and the price is steep, but you can't beat experience! Those fish have had PLENTY of hooks in their mouths.

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but you'll need bait to catch any. A nice rod also helps.

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#1 didn't say anything wrong yet got so many thumbs

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I caught a fish once. Blue gill. Then it took my money and left me.

Now the entire comment thread is about fishing xD I'm sure you deserve better, OP!

That's not very nice- you get a good trip out of it though!

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Find a store in Japan, get a bunch of great clothes, wear them out and when men are falling over you remind your boyfriend that these Are his "true memories"

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This is Japan you're talking about... OP, cosplay Hatsune Miku -> new japanese BF

Actually, I'd like to know whether she paid for the trip. If she paid for the trip, then she just got suckered into buying a trip to Japan for this guy. If he paid... yeah, at least she got a trip to Japan out of it.

What a heartless prick. I'm really sorry OP.

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What a lousy, strawman excuse, hopefully you can still make the best out of your trip OP, without the douchebag. Why not leave him there to enjoy the scenery without strings attached?

wow. he is ever so kind and considerate and gentlemanly. marry him.

At least you were able to get away from that asshole as soon as possible.

Damn, that's harsh! I don't see why he didn't break up with you BEFORE the trip.

Totally agree, now she has to deal with awkwardness for a month and a half or make expensive arrangements back home. What horrible timing, im sorry op :/

Or OP could strike out on her own and leave her pudnozzle ex in her dust!!! Go OP and don't look back!!! Better that you know and enjoy yourself than wonder what's wrong and ruin the trip!!!

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I just got done reading a FML where the bf broke up with her gf after their cruise and everybody crucified him.

Plenty of sexy ninjas in Japan, good luck OP

OP doesn't want a ninja, she wants a tai-chi master.

How do you know what she wants? I didn't read that in the FML

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She want's it slow and steady, therefore, tai-chi.

That's rough, OP. At least you didn't create those "false memories" though, right?