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Make a new batch of brownies then eat the corner pieces first then move some center pieces to the corners then melt Exlax over them
Then do the finger pyramid of evil (Mr. burns)
Then do an evil laugh.

  vip3r20  |  8

but who eats the corner pieces in the first place? those are always the more cooked parts and pretty much the worst. wouldn't you fight over the center??


Everyone's comment in this thread is boss!
39-except yours.
And maybe the chick laughing basically an "lol" but that's worse than receiving a bunch of texts only saying "lol"
And it builds character lol.

  NuTrees  |  9

Wow. Am I the only one who hopes this was fake? Over a brownie a father sprained his childs wrist.. And someone called that boss? I'm so done with this world.

  RavagedSoul  |  0

Be a man. Stand up to your father. Well they do say you will grow up to be like your father. Quite a scary thought...

If you are female, you know how to piss him off