By alliez108 - 18/11/2011 00:50 - United States

Today, my dad and I got into a fight over who gets the last corner piece of the brownies. I ended up with a black eye and and a sprained wrist. He ended up with the brownie and ran away laughing. FML
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You must train harder to snatch pebble from palm, grasshopper.

Food chain in effect.


Your dad is a boss haha

I'm a little tired of everything being referred to as being "boss".

Make a new batch of brownies then eat the corner pieces first then move some center pieces to the corners then melt Exlax over them Then do the finger pyramid of evil (Mr. burns) Then do an evil laugh.

vip3r20 8

but who eats the corner pieces in the first place? those are always the more cooked parts and pretty much the worst. wouldn't you fight over the center??

39 - and I'm tired of your pro pic r u still in middle school? Ur obnoxiouss

diidiimi 10

Premeditated, I like that. ?

diidiimi 10

They're the best!! That's where the chocolatey goodness is concentrated! Like the crunchy brown bits on the bottom of the roasting pan. ?

Parenting at its finest. [:

Make a fresh batch of weed brownies and let him have it all. While he is violently high steal his wallet and go to town at bestbuy :)

Everyone's comment in this thread is boss! 39-except yours. And maybe the chick laughing basically an "lol" but that's worse than receiving a bunch of texts only saying "lol" And it builds character lol.

xoconnie 8

thats abuse

Who wants the corner piece?! I go for middle pieces :) yumm...

Wow. Am I the only one who hopes this was fake? Over a brownie a father sprained his childs wrist.. And someone called that boss? I'm so done with this world.

Hey #39.... No one cares! ;)

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Food chain in effect.

op should take some martial arts lessons

Survival of the fittest!

Well either he's a fatass or a pothead

Jumber10 , do you realize how dumb you just sounded?

There was no food thread in this comment section :( here I'll start cookies are amazing :D 87 can I have what you're smoking?

well.. i mean.. it WAS the corner piece..

I like the middle pieces better. Softer and more gooey.

Be a man. Stand up to your father. Well they do say you will grow up to be like your father. Quite a scary thought... If you are female, you know how to piss him off

There are pans that bake brownies and gets all the pieces to have that crunchy corner.

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Corner pieces ftw. And your dad... Wow.

You must train harder to snatch pebble from palm, grasshopper.

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Dat photo

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Those must be some good brownies..

CalCommando 6

The corner pieces always taste like crap anyway.

lovelydarlings 6

Corner pieces are delicious!

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61 - the corner peices are the best. Like a symphony of sweet gooey choclate heaven and crunchy delicious awesomeness all in one little brownie.

Must be some weed brownies

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maybe dad likes to "bake" if ya know what im sayin

he punched u?! what a nice dad u have..

I thought the same thing. Psychopath?

Nolnah 14

make another batch just for him and put laxatives in it! muhah!

Domestic violence... Don't think it can't happen to you! and you... and even YOU!

A hobo will live in your chimney and start beating you up.

Don't even try to escape. A hobo will build you a chimney if you don't have one.

I love the corner piece of baked brownies. For some reason they taste so much better than the center.(:

ikickgingers 15

I gave chocolate up for lent a couple years ago and never went back. I never did like the ends though. :/

Torva_fml 16

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes the corners.

can u blame him? it's brownies!

JayJayAttackAtta 5

Not just any brownies... It's the corner piece!!!