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  Fruit_Dealer  |  9

Congratulations M0rt, but 5 was just comparing to his situation.

OP probably don't enjoy violin and barritone, therefore FHL. I reccomend sitting in a park pr something like that.

  EPICSAGA  |  3

The baritone is a woodwind just like the alto or tenor sax. It's not brass because the part of the instrument that makes the sound is the wooden reed not the brass saxophone which is considered an amplifier.

  Link5794  |  18

I thought baritone was a deep voice.

  gc327072  |  29

C'mon people, google a baritone/euphonium before making yourselves look like COMPLETE fucktards. It's like a smaller tuba that plays higher notes. And it's a brass instrument AND a wind instrument. (brasswind)

By  emerluvsu  |  6

Give her a chance. Given that she plays two instruments, she's probably really good. And you have a radio/ipod/something, right? Use it if you don't like it!

  KMtheDrummer  |  6

Maybe... I play drums very well (hence the username) and guitar, piano, and bass pretty well, but I have a friend who plays all those too and sings and is absolutely horrific at all of them.

  Bobissmall  |  13

I really hate replies like this... "Go out or listen to your own music if you don't like it" I mean seriously, it's ridiculous. What if OP works a night shift and has to be waken up by bad music?

By  bandgeek1575  |  5

I switch between the bassoon, clarinet, trumpet, piano, flute, ukulele, double bass, and guitar. Whats wrong with that? And I've been playing all of them for less than a year.

  rudegirlmania  |  10

I love that people use the comments on this site to brag about their "lives" to people who really don't give a shit.

I might also add that there's virtually no way of backing up said bragging.....

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Be quiet, rudegirlmania, or I'll tie you up with my Hapkido black belt, and serenade you
with my double necked electric violin that I won playing the Dalai Lama in strip poker.
You know you want me to.