By Anonymous - 30/08/2010 10:34 - Oman

Today, I injured my knee and dislocated my shoulder fighting over a cookie with my brother. He's 14. I'm 26. He still got the cookie. FML
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perdix 29

You, sir, are a wimp. I'm not sure you are ready for solid food -- ask Momma to pop out her titty for you.

u must have really wanted that cookie?!


StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

It's all right, let the cookie monster have what he wants.

lmao, at least you know he'd survive in prison,"that's my coockie bitch".

theian01 3

More like FHL, YOU got a cookie!! :-D

idkmyusername 0

OP~are you the guy that got his candy stolen by the baby? :0 but seriously dude, you need to man the **** up, pop your shoulder back in, put a bandaid on your knee and go buy yourself a ******* cookie

LMAO that's what u get for trying to take a cookie from ur lil bro u r bad u should have let him have it and could have avoided getting hurt by a kid =) I would have fought u if they were skittles mmmmm

Why oh why is there always one person who thinks it's a big deal that they moderated one of the FMLs?

For the same reason someone has to deny them their brief and simple glory by complaining about it.

mintcar 9
Griggy 0

YDI because you're 26 and got ur ass kicked by ur 14-year-old brother, however, FYL because you're 26 and got your ass kicked by your 14-year-old brother.

BallinJ 0

serious about a ******* cookie much?

boyguydudemalema 0

ur friggin 26, grow a pair, get a job and your own damn cookie, sheeesh

Hey dumbass! Yeah you, #33. The OP's BROTHER is 14 and HE is 26. I love people who fail at reading. :) Agree with 30.

Peacemaker9 7

19&20 ftw!! op that's just sad and way beyond the fail marker

omg this is so something my boyfriend would do...

bt2breakskn 0

maybe you should have acted your age?

Act his age? No matter how old you are it's always worth fighting for the last cookie.

Peacemaker9 7

lol so true so very very true!!!!^^^

great job you got injured fighting over a cookie what I find funny though is that your 26 god grow up

agree wit # 47! what kind of 26 yr old has to fight for a cookie?!?!

twinny_sc 13

I hate that people are telling him to grow up because he fought over a cookie. Everyone has their moments and he wanted that damn cookie.

englishhottiexx 0

fat ass just let go of the cookie :/

lexielovesyou 0

Why would you fight over cookies on your Internet Explorer? JK. What kind of cookie was it? Peanut butter?

diirty_brunette 0

I'll live on the prayer that you'll AT LEAST drop a crumb or a sprinkle my way :D

pureecstasy 5

That's like a burn inside of a burn that's a 2nd degree burn ohhhhhh. ahaha that 70's show <3


don't **** with a dudes cookie! YDI!

OwN3d3d 0

ydi for being fat and sacrificing urself for a friken cookie

81 I believe you have a boyfriend but when you talk about him in EVERY ******* COMMENT it seems less believable huh?

Skygee7395 0

Dirty brunette you sound kinda like a bitch "i swear have road rage" and you make retarded duck faces at 28??

Chill 186, she didn't do anything to you...

How is this a YDI????? it's the last cookie!!

alwaysawesome 0

give him the damn cookie, he's 14


o___o Hmm. Why Do You Still Live With Your 14 Year Old Brother If Youre 26.?

deafeningsilence 8

Maybe OP was visiting her parents.

you don't necessarily need to live with someone if you want their cookie, she might as well have been visiting.

perdix 29

You, sir, are a wimp. I'm not sure you are ready for solid food -- ask Momma to pop out her titty for you.

XxFallenbladexX 0

You want a cookie that bad? You're hardcore! Either you haven't eaten in days or your just stupid. (my guess- stupid)