By Anonymous - 03/04/2011 15:14 - United States

Today, while bending over to get the brownies I was making out of the oven, my husband slapped my butt. I fell into the oven. FML
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niiick97_fml 3


Hansel and Grettal all over again. Your husband might be a witch.


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jrsgreenfire257 0

You just got baked

I believe that if your hands are burnt bad enough ppl can't read your finger prints. so now is the time to commit a crime! : )

this is the first FML where I have actually laughed out loud. congrats. anyways, back to why I was here... macaroni prices are rising as we speak... momma bunny is furious -.- i hate to say this, but I might have to boycott the macaroni companies. that is all.

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Atmosphere For. The. Win.

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rebekahah 7

44 I'd say it's more of a win. :)

So wait, how did Jews come into play again? o.o

35 that's the Amish...

rebekahah 7

56- awesome. XD

you must be HOT!(;

rebekahah 7

84- I'm not sure. :/

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rallets 22

cant stand the heat, stay outta the kitchen or the oven o_O

Well hopefully you got a good tan.

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thats hot OP

rebekahah 7

92 HA! :)

This fml sucks. i wished she would bake a pie. :(

must be a hand print left if it was that bad

she could have just lost balance..

theres more than just a hand print on her now…

PenguinToucher 0

Nothing like a good ole wife flambé!

or maybe she's burned duh

niiick97_fml 3


scottovious 0

Unless she ruined the brownies, then it carries a cost and in that case she better go make her husband a sammich.

^^ Crappy sexist joke. Better sexist joke: What was a man doing in the kitchen anyway? She should have been bringing the brownies to him.

niiick97_fml 3

yes citrusgirl.

Wrong Citrusgirl. because to bring him them she would have to leave the kitchen.

dammit you're right

YDI for actually falling you not have arms? stupid #^^#{

You should have better balance.

A7X_LoVeee 10

129 - Fail. That's already been said.

this one made me giggle :)

122 u should call me sometime =]

and burn her hands while fallin in the oven next time think about what you are saying before u say something stupid

BugsBunny1 4

Really 151, really?! Here's the million dollar question... Would you rather burn your hands on an oven, or fall face-first into said oven? Yeah, think about what YOU'RE saying next time.

LOLbomb 1

I hope she didn't ruin the brownies. :(

that's hot, haha... get it?...

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Look at my profile pic! i was the FIRST comment. And it some how got deleted. FML

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I was the first comment... look at my profile pic :'( FML omg omg.

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I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ZOMB

lol relax man being first isn't that important. it just means you stalk the fml app or website trying to post your comment a millisecond after some posts their fml

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hummm the husband's mindset must have been one of the two 1. Mmm there's my sexy wife "smack" whoops sorry sorry sorry or 2. Now's my chance "smack" DIE B!+<h DIE!!

Holy Sh*t…Ouch

fsu69 0

thats great hahaha

fsu69 0

thats great hahaha

fuck your rebel flag

fuck your rebel flag

F14Shado 0

omfg 192's dp. lolololol

Fuck your hate for the rebel flag, bitch.

Fuck you ya yankee faggot

denvan 0

lmfao @192

You bitch have been burnt.

monkeyshorts22 4

holy crap, are you okay?!

Flyin_Turtle14 0

that's funny 192

must've been a mighty slap:p

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This may be the funniest FML I have ever read. I laughed my ass of for a good 15 minutes

1vdog 0

This may be the funniest FML I have ever read. I laughed my ass of for a good 15 minutes

are the brownies ok?? (and your face) are they ok??

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at least it was your husband and not some random old perv

He was just trying to bake another batch of brownies.

Alex94xela 0

if it were surprise butt sex he would be WINNING

hahaha that's funny.

Jammy01jams 2

haha owned

EffinToofer 3

Ding! OP's done! He'd better run!

you need to burn that almanac quick before biff gets his hands on it again!!

Back to the Future joke, win. :D


hoooookaaaah¡!!!!!! best regards from Hawaii!

AngryGuitarist 0

why don't you make like a tree and get out of here

I love those movies! And that's how you know the world won't end in 2012-Marty McFly has been to 2015!

and what's even crazier is that we are supposed to have flying cars in 4 years.. yea don't see that happening :(

lol your picture is a win

Hansel and Grettal all over again. Your husband might be a witch.

OceanBreathesSal 5

it would have been funny but in hansel and gretel the witch gets pushed into the oven. so it would be that the OP must be the witch....

penflower 0

9 took the words outta my mouth.

ouch. that's gonna leave a mark 

rebekahah 7

or two... (one on OP's butt and another- possibly more- wherever she was burnt)

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Monstee 2

LOl 

Ice for you. No brownies for him.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Ice is bad for burns though. But he definitely doesn't deserve brownies.

fsu69 0

he was just tryin to git some peace and quiet he deserves brownies

131- That depends on when you put the ice on. 210- nice one.