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Today, I met my boyfriend's father for the first time. We were at a restaurant and my bofriend kept playing footsie with me under the table. When my boyfriend excused himself to go to the restroom, the game of footsie was still going on. FML
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That's when you also excuse yourself and head to the bathroom or something.


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It looks like he's got a "leg up" on your boyfriend when it comes to relationships

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Osh mosh gosh, what the ****? What a perv.... Heh, hopefully your boyfriend doesn't fall too far from the tree! XDD

youre a ******* idiot for playing footsie in the first place.

*BF dad also leaves* *footsie game continues*

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funny thing is my dad did that exact thing to my sisters boyfriend. we still make fun of my dad. there still together(3yrs+).

That's when you also excuse yourself and head to the bathroom or something.

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Yup! Just imagine all the awkward family gatherings in the future! Dad with his new girlfriend young enough to be his daughter, a son that used to date his dad's girlfriend, and an ex-wife who's jealous because she was jilted for a much younger girl! And then the whispers of disapproval from the rest of the family! I wish my family could be this interesting.

LOL. My family IS this interesting, and it's a lot of fun. I can just see them on Oprah, Dr. Phil, etc. This story reminds me of someone. *Cough*.

LOL. Um, wow. Dedication is good though. She'll be hot. Wait wait, is she still underage? (Say "yes", please).

LOL hilarious. 15 is legal? I thought it was 16 haha

okay move along, theres nothing to see here

Why the **** is someone going around burying my and other people's conversations? Oh well, it probably took them a long as time with the refresh-repeat. Good thing I can circumvent that in seconds.

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My family has a back-up plan if my dad ever loses his job. My sister's going to be the stripper, my dad will be the professional poker player, and I'm gonna be the drug dealer. We haven't decided what my mom's back-up profession should be.

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OoOo, good one. I'll suggest it. Any other ideas in case she shoots that one down?

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whoever is burying you seems to share my feelings as well. Most of your comments I do like and agree with, but when you start having conversations, like this on here, it was okay and funny at first, but now it's plain annoying. I have to keep scrolling down through your long and pointless conversations to read other comments that are related to the post. This is not AIM, so if you want to talk to whoever, find them on there instead of making us read it. Oh, and why are you so obsessed with having your posts un-buried on here, all you did was reply to someone... Not trying to bash you since I do generally agree with what you respond to, just stating my two cents =)

Agreed. Take your conversations somewhere relevant instead of taking up space on this comment thread. It's okay for a couple of posts, but this is way too many.

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Amen! I could care less about what sort of dysfunctional family you're a part of. I too am getting sick of these "conversations." And #45, there's no reason to un-bury your comments, 48 has a point, this conversation is meaningless and I'm sure not many people would care to read it.

Whoever doesn't like it can get over it. All of the staff say it's fine. There wouldn't be a "reply" button if we were only supposed to address the FML and leave. The first person who commented: Ok, since you put it nicely, I'll try to keep them a little less long/frequent. The rest of you: Suck a dick. I'm not breaking any rule, and you can't stop me. To answer the other question, I like unburying my comments mostly because I can. The reason it bothers me is because someone's being a pussy. And the staff has told me if I can figure out who it is, they will be banned. The "bury" function is not there to be abused by people who just have problems with me.

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Look, not to sound like a dick, but get off your high horse, intoxicunt. It seems like it isn't a problem with you per se, more on the fact that you treat this a bit like a personal chat on a public site. Sure people can jump in, but as you see, most don't. I didn't see any of your other comments buried, so most likely it's just this case. Plus we're only specifying this to you because you are the only one whose actually making this into some big deal. Trying to ban someone because they, like others it appears, is tired of these convos? And un-burying them "because you can?" Come on, don't be a child. and don't bother writing some stupid insult or excuse because its pointless

I'm being "a child" (which, by definition, I can be nothing other than) because I took a couple minutes to unbury something? Really? No, I told the staff and they said whoever is burying ALL my comments (the vast majority of my recent comments about ANYTHING were buried, I just unburied them) is abusing the feature, and thus breaking the rules. If they don't want to be banned, they can, ya know, not break the rules. Fairly simple concept. Like I said, a lot of my comments are getting buried regardless of the subject matter or whether it's a "chat". Therefor, no, someone isn't just tired of the chatting; someone is being a douche. Allow me to reiterate: I don't care how much you people don't like it. Get over it. If and when the staff tell me "Ok, we no longer let people reply more than ___ amount of times on one subject" or anything along those lines, I will quit. Until then, scroll down. It won't freakin' kill you. Now if you view me using the site as I wish within the rules and telling those who don't like it to get over it as being "on my high horse", then that's fine. Go complain about something you can change. What if I don't like the fact that people without pictures comment, and jump on them every time they do it? There are others who share that sentiment, but where am I getting myself? Nowhere. You can all waste your time if you'd like. Enjoy that. -Sorry for the novel. Had to be said. Edit: You edited while I was commenting. Too late. I just did. You know what's "pointless"? Telling others what to do when you have no power to control them. Enjoy my future conversations with people on here!

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I said to get off your ******* high horse because you were acting like you were the one victimized and that you can do whatever you want. Sounds like people are starting a revolution though since I've only thumbed you down one or two times on this post; apparently more than one person dislikes you-who can blame them- if you've been thumbed down on everything. Maybe you should take the hint

Ok, then I must have misrepresented myself. I don't feel victimized. I feel kind of a "what the ****" feeling, more than anything. I don't get why everyone is freaking out on me for chatting on here when there are at least a few other users who do it. You say it's because I'm making a big deal out of it, but that's only because, out of nowhere, people started jumping on me for it. Just like anyone on here who posts a lot (KaySL, plexico, me, allmidnighteyes, etc.), there are people who don't like what I say or how I say it. Some people are telling me "Get off this site, get a life!" while others (significantly more, I might add) are telling me things like, "You're the reason I come on FML." Which hint should I take? I don't expect to make everyone happy. I have already accepted that not everyone here is going to like me, just like in the real world. The majority of people, including staff, like my comments. I'm not going to change for the few (albeit not just one random troll or something) who don't like it. By the way, you know what they say: "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." If a dozen people politely asked me to just decrease the amount of chatting a little, I would feel compelled to do it. I would think, "Hey, these people aren't going on a tirade. They're being logical and asking nicely. I guess I could compromise and just tone it down a little." But instead people do the opposite, which is basically futile. Also, one person can click thumbs-down several times, and there have been times my comment got buried for NO reason at all. So I'm thinking there are a couple people with large sticks up their asses. Maybe those I caused to be banned in the past? Oh well. "Who can blame them"? Well, only the majority of users. And majority rules. So they can deal with it.

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Fine, you are right about people jumping on you all at once. Although it was only 3 other people and then myself, and what the other people said wasn't exactly hurtful. I don't know anything about your other comments being buried so maybe you do have a hating fan or a random troll decides to pick on you, or people are now starting to use the thumbs down application more, who knows. And I think the other people are referring to those other posters since you all are the only ones with drawn out conversations on here. So, I apologize on my behalf for being taking the attacking approach then the "honey" way. I would indeed greatly appreciate it if there wasn't such a long thread on every other post. I do know that you cannot help what the others post and reply though, but I suppose as long as you are aware of it, that will hopefully help. Peace

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Yes, I apologize as well. You are correct if people had simply said something that it would be more effective. However, the nature of this site is very quick on jumping on people for anything. I guess my comments were more of an attack than the others.. But yes, sorry again

Ok, so I will make an effort to tone it down. I feel like we can compromise. I like doing it, you guys don't like me doing it. We'll meet in between. I'll try to keep it to a minimum, and when one conversation starts dominating a thread, I'll take it elsewhere.

Your being a child because you took that long to respond to a comment. Get a life you really are an intoxicunt. GFY for all oursakes!

I typed that in about 45 seconds. By the way, you can't spell. Go back to second grade, ****.

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Oh, I love your comments, I just don't want/need to read about who adopted who and who eats the other. I came to Fmylife to read about the posts and the comments related to it. And ilovelucy, taking time to respond to a comment is not even related to being a child, so (b)eat it. ~Rawr =)

oh my guys do know this is the Internet right? everyone getting mad at Intoxicunt, just suck it up read past her posts if you dont like em. And Intoxicunt, just saying I'm sorry or I'll try not to converse so much would have kept this argument down to a minimal two posts. but alas, it has gone on this long. that is all

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markymark1429, you do realize that intoxicunt's argument here ended back in 2009, read the dates dude lol

This is the only FML that has ever sent a chill down my spine.

Oh dear gawd... Thats disgusting... :O Why dont u "accidentally" kick the **** outa him. :D FYL.

or HER... now that would be interesting wouldn't it?

yes, because when you say the word "father", a girl automatically comes to mind... |:

No, because father is usually accompanied by mother.

Did you confront him? You could have been polite and said, "Excuse me ____, but you are actually hitting my feet and not the table leg." If he didn't knock it off then you would have reason to get more forceful. Don't take that creepy shit.

hehhehehehehhehehe OMG LMAO really loud ...u shud ve kicked him in da balls ,get a red card nd then leave da field LOLZZ

It's called grammar, and literacy, sir/ma'am.

Guess that means you've got the family seal of approval.

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Bahahahahahahhahahaha that's awesome xD lmao