By inyobeddd - 02/05/2013 08:27 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, my crazy neighbor came up to me in the street and slapped me across the face, accusing me of leering through her restroom window while she showered. I'm gay. FML
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Being gay doesn't stop you from looking.

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Everyone is a little bit.. curious.


Being gay doesn't stop you from looking.

I heard everyone who's ever been accused of something Is guilty...

@#9 I'm not sure where you heard that, but that's bull.

It was sarcasm, in America, there's something called "innocent until proven guilty".

Guys... I'm pretty sure 9 is being sarcastic.


He's just trying to say he isn't interested

Laws of internetsylvania clearly state, "Everyone is a hacker, camper, or noob until proven otherwise, and when all else fails, blame the lag." (A. 16 s. 1a)

I live in Internetsylvania after being trapped on a vacation from America years ago. We're constantly being terrorized by pirates, freedom of speech, and anti-privacy legislation. It's definitely just a tourist spot.

That shot straight over my head, my apologies

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I can tell you from experience. In America, your just guilty.

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Whoa whoa whoa, what about whose "just guilty" is it? And why is in America?

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I want diplomatic immunity.

No but since he's gay he has no reason to

Yeah but he wouldn't WANT to look, that's the whole point.

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Shoulda been like "I only looked to remind myself why I'm gay."

Wait a sec. The woman showers without blinds, in view of your window? Yeah, I'm going to need an address. (Though while I'm there I hope you won't mind me looking at your **** - since I'm straight and all)

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Wait till you find out his neighbor is 83 years old and 350lbs.

\ 28

Everyone is a little bit.. curious.

Tell your neighbor not to flatter herself.

Well, she might have seen someone who looked similar to you, or she's just crazy. But unless you're friends with her or just advertise your sexual orientation to everyone, how's she supposed to know?

What kind of person has a window on the bathroom? I can understand a small widow near the ceiling or a fogged window, but a regular window.

I have a pretty big window in my bathroom. However, I still find it strange that they would put up a curtain, or, if there is no curtain rack-thing, to pin up a blanket or towel or piece of fabric to act like a curtain.

OP should have told her her to keep her window shut and her curtains closed. Who showers in plain view of the neighbors anyway?

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@25 - typically, it's called a transom window. It's usually high up to let in sunlight without providing a view from the outside in.

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75- I don't think you got the joke.

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The reason she's so angry is that she thought you were leering. If you politely explain that you were actually smiling and waving, I'm sure she'll understand.

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Snorlax used leer! Crazy neighbour's defense fell!

Perception 6

Snorlax doesn't learn leer! Put that gameshark away!

beastseclipse 9

Well it's that, or giga impact, and honestly that changes the tone entirely.

Hay look on the bright side.... You may be bisexual!!!!!! :)

Your profile pic is just too fitting for this FML...has your gay neighbor been leering at you while you shower lately?

I think OP is fine with their sexual orientation.

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so are you saying being just gay would be bad?

She wishes she could make you straight.

She probably doesn't know exactly who it was. She'll be going around, house by house, bitch slapping everyone.

She should do it right then and slap them with a fish, then it'd be too funny to even be upset about.

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, cuz they bitch slippin everyone up in here