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Today, I had a giant Scantron test. After putting 10 answers, I noticed every single answer was A. I got freaked out and started putting random answers. Turns out every answer on the test was A. I failed. FML
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Ha being in school myself, I can tell you that taking a multiple choice test and getting one letter many times in a row is a scary thing. Even if you know what you're doing, getting all A's would scare anyone and shake their confidence


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I've had the same sort of thing hapen to me. that is a cruel and unusual teacher.

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#28: Next time just bash your head against your keyboard; it'll amuse us more and perhaps destroy your keyboard. It's a win-win situation...for us.

If I was a teacher I would do the same thing. First test- all answers are A Second test- all are B Etc. Final- A,B,C,D, and E. on repeat.

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he deserve it bad test taking skills

38, it would be a huge mistake to do that trick more than once. Right after the second maybe even the first test, students will know you use perfect patterns, and after getting 3-5 questions, they'll know the rest and get an easy 100. A better way to do it would be all A on the first test, then the first 5 B on the second test, then after that a mix of A and C, then after that probably just resort to regular tests.

NagainaFier 16

40, not really. When I was younger I was told to double check if I ever got the same answer more than thrice in a row; I now get extreme anxiety if I KNOW my answers are correct, but the answers are the same for four problems or more on the scantron. OP, I know those feels, but just take it as a lesson learned- you know more than you think you do, and always trust your gut!

Thanks 55, you said...I mean typed what I was thinking. I would do that my first year of teaching(if I was going to become a teacher). I would switch it up. I just want to see the students freak out and have erase marks all over the paper because they believe there is no way 5 answers in a row are the same.

Once my maths teacher told us that when you don't know an answer you have to go for C, because according to some statistics C is the answer the teachers like the most (don't ask me why, it seems strange to me too...). I'd like to show OP's story to my former teacher, just to know what he thinks about it...(Maths teachers love to put some philosophical meaning in what they do)

Always go with your first instinct OP.

Just thinking the same thing! Took a screen shot to show her!

#38 if I was your student I would catch on so quick. and op just go with your gut feeling

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Ha being in school myself, I can tell you that taking a multiple choice test and getting one letter many times in a row is a scary thing. Even if you know what you're doing, getting all A's would scare anyone and shake their confidence

#15 Yeah having all A's would freak someone out, but putting in random answers isn't going to help those nerves much either.

I'm already a mess and near freak out mode during tests, but that would have me completely losing it because I would be thinking 'They can't all be A's' and 'Maybe I'm just putting in a pattern and I really don't know the answers that I think I know.'

Because if you think about it, how likely is it for all the correct answers to be A, or any single letter? I would be second guessing the crap out of myself even if I knew the material.

15, funny I never had that problem, neither did all the classmates I know in university. For all I care, it could be 100 A's in a row, and I will still submit that, because I know I got those answers myself. Trust your gut.

When I was in high school, my biology teacher made a very simple pattern out of the answer choices. I studied my ass off for that test...

pwnman 33

I believe you are dumb, too. Let me fix that for you: If you knew it was the right answer, why would you intentionally put in the wrong one? You're dumb and you deserved it.

I wouldn't call OP "dumb" because they obviously got them all right. They just got a little freaked out by the repetitiveness of the same answer... We've all had those moments.

Justy101 23

90 - YDI is an acronym. It is absolutely grammatically correct to use YDI in a sentence. Nitpicking on non existent grammatical errors is stupid and annoying.

#96 now I'm going to call you dumb. He just said he put in random answers so they wouldn't be all A's and he failed. So yes,I would call him dumb.

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How could you be so unsure of your answers that you are okay with putting random ones? This is why I just don't look at the letters or you could second guess yourself when you shouldn't.

Yes bc its so hard to notice you're only bubbling in one letter.

GuessWhatKids 13

You misunderstood me. I was saying that I don't look back at the pattern of answers so that I don't go through the "4 A's in a row? I must be wrong!" thought process like OP did.

Except, it was all As. Any dumbass would've realized without checking it on purpose.

NagainaFier 16

That might help you, but as some have mentioned, we're conditioned to think '4 in a row? SHIT!'. I had an evil teacher who did every choice 4 in a row and nearly had a break down. Some people just are very skittish test takers

TheDrifter 23

The problem is a conditioned response and a lack of thinking in schools. If OP had been thinking and not responding, the fact that there was serious trolling going in would have been obvious.

perdix 29

You mustn't have had command of the the material. I knew a guy who took the Hebrew Achievement Test and guessed that the answer was the longer answer between B and C. He got a low passing grade. After the test, some explained to him that Hebrew was read from right to left.

perdix 29

#24, he was a super-genius and he was bored. He took the test just to see of he could crack the code. The Achievement Tests (back then) were associated with the SAT and I really don't know what they were used for. It wasn't AP (Advanced Placement.)

Wait Hebrew achievement tests.... Did they call them the HATS?

perdix 29

#67, no, they call them yarmulkes!

dreamtosing 15

I've always wished for Hebrew to be a language to study in school. I've been able to read Hebrew since the 4th grade.

perdix 29

#89, ah, yes, but in what grade did they tell you it went from right to left?

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jab7769 8

No being prepared was not the problem. Always be prepared because that dumbass who does not care and fails everything else, but the one test still has very little career options.

That's a good way to see who actually studied.

No, it's a good way to mess with a student's mind, and in my opinion, one of the worst things a professor can do on an exam.

#9 Although it seems unfair, I can understand why a teacher would do that. In the end, knowledge is no use if you're not confident about it. And if a row of A's makes you assume you must be wrong, you are clearly not confident about your knowledge. Personally I might review the questions if something like that happened, but unless there was another viable option, I would never change my answer.

I have given quizzes, midterms, and finals, and I always make sure to vary the answers. One time a midterm I gave asked my students to rank a list of compounds. Unfortunately, the chemicals were already ranked in the correct order. I had more wrong answers on that question because my kids over thought it and believed I was trying to trick them.

TheDrifter 23

I used to live when they did that. I also had a teacher that would put AC/DC as an answer string I'm every multiple choice test, except the exam, just to mess with students who looked for it.

UHHHH I had a teacher do that to us once...every single one was A except the last one was B. He was a jerk. I feel for you OP, FYL.

coffeeatteatime 7

That's the evilest thing I can imagine.

Go with you gut feeling when you second guess yourself then it will be wrong

Even though it may seem suspicious, you have a better chance of getting more right with the same answer, compared to having answers scattered (if you're unsure, that is).

Actually, every single combination in a test like that is equally possible mathematically. Just saying.

Well, with a single repeated answer, especially A, your final percentage will more often than not be narrower, while the more you scatter your answers, the more spread out that percentage will be. So while spreading out your answers might mean you COULD get a higher grade, your chances are very low, so sticking with one answer will most likely give you at least a passing grade. Just saying.

Every question is an independent event. The last question has no bearing on the odds of the next. If you have A, B, C, and D, you have a 25% chance of guessing it correctly no matter what you choose.