By SadBride - United States
Today, my in-laws decided they were going to stay an extra week during our vacation to Dominican Republic next year. This would be fine, if we weren't travelling for our destination wedding, and the extra week wasn't our honeymoon. They are literally joining us on our honeymoon. FML
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  MrsDruidess  |  23

no not good luck, OP you need to tell them no. Thats a very special time together, to be alone and in love, to bond as husband and wife! If they are there you will lose something intangible but very important. Find a way to say no, nicely but firmly. If they dont budge, take your spouse to a nearby island, cause really thats beyond intrusive and again its important to be ALONE together

  taterrtots  |  25

agreed #18, honeymoons are specifically meant for the bride and groom. that's like the whole point. it's nice (not really) that the in-laws want to come along, but no. this is your and your new spouse's time to shine.

  rockninja  |  21

actually her husband or wife should say something about that. I mean is he or she okay with his her parents coming to their honeymoon? I would flip the shit out

  Ms_ValS  |  27

Just tell your husband that it's fine and that you love spending time with his parents. But make sure he knows that this honeymoon doesn't count.