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  cakefete2  |  30

I disagree. I wouldn't apologize. I'd leave her. I don't believe people should be putting their hands on each other. If you think I'm overreacting, imagine if OP was the one that slapped the girlfriend. Then would you still think I was wrong?

  AviatOfficial  |  20

I'm really feeling your comments and concern about domestic abuse and stuff.But I think there are some ups and downs in a good relationship, you know what I'm saying?
OP's girlfriend must have misunderstood OP for something else and she just reacted impulsively. (I guess there's nothing wrong in there because she had feelings for him :) ).And just think for a second, if OP had reached this situation in a furious manner;things could have gone out of control and could have turned ugly(Lowering one's ego for saving a relationship in which you had invested time and stuff is a good sacrifice I think IFF you love each other and other romantic stuff :) ).If they are in some serious relationship and commitment I guess they will get along and apologise each other and probably slap each other again :p

  IMcPwn  |  12

This sounds like an abusive relationship where OP's girlfriend is the abuser. If there are many other occasions of this OP should break it off.

  tigerisabelle  |  31

I see where you're coming from, but no. It was not right of OP's girlfriend to hit him, even if he did do something horrible. OP, I think you should find out why on earth she would act this way, and if it is something stupid, leave her, or if it is something bad you did and that reaction, while not fully justified, is understandable, then you need to have a talk with her about not putting her hands on you.

  borias  |  6

If OP was female, there is NO WAY you would you would be saying fight for the relationship. Not even if he just pushed her, not even if they're married, with kids!

It's 2014, everyone needs to woman up and take responsibility for their actions. You put your hands on someone, you bear the responsibility.

  zBLAKEz  |  23

Wow, this is the first comment thread I've seen on FML that actually takes into account the fact that men can be victims. It's nice to see comments like these instead of the usual "if a girl hits a man then he must have done something wrong and he should apologize." And then there's the lovely fact that if you see an FML about a guy doing anything wrong, no matter how minor it may be, it's an automatic guarantee that the majority of the comments will be saying he deserves to either be punched in the face, kicked in the balls, or both. I've always loved how warm and friendly the FML community is to men. :^)

  RedPillSucks  |  31

The kinky makeup sex may be between OP and his prison mates if she decides to file a police complaint. And before you say "she hit him first", it will be his word against hers. Whose word do you think the cops will take?
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