By Workplace woes - 12/05/2016 17:00 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my coworker showed me photos of her anal fissures. I'm not a doctor. FML
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Your coworker sounds like an ass.

How did that possibly seem like a good idea to someone?


Your coworker sounds like an ass.

Maybe you meant this ass the psychology term, but it still doesn't make sense in this context lol

Shade0000 9

#15 either meant "as" or it was the worst pun I've ever heard

I tried and you guys put me down for it... that's not nice :(

We don't have to be nice to give you what downvotes you deserve.

You don't have to be an asshole. Fuck, this whole community is just a bunch of assholes

How did that possibly seem like a good idea to someone?

how cl(ass)y of her

Some people have no sense of boundaries..Fyl OP

Ask for another picture- then post it on the help wanted board... Bare ass the next question to someone else...

I'm not sure why you would suggest that How would that help the OP, at all?

Help wanted... It's not op job

And your diagnoses is

That's a not-so-subtle way to call someone an asshole... Not saying you are, OP. Just putting it out there.

Are you sure it was HER ASS and not some random ass from the Internet to troll you? :D