By smf_ds - 31/07/2015 20:48 - Portugal - Rebordosa

Today, I witnessed my dad spreading his ass cheeks to show my mom the rashes his hemorrhoids are giving him. FML
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NotGabe 28

That's true love.

Pass the brain bleach.


raysmith121 10

Knocking. Try it.

Given the weird occurrences posted here on FML, I wouldn't necessarily assume this was happening behind closed doors. But even if OP did something to slightly deserve it... I wouldn't say anybody deserves this.

NotGabe 28

That's true love.

Pass the brain bleach.

More like F your dads life

I have a feeling it was supposed to be a private conversation. try knocking

Maybe the door was opened?

That's repulsive, but at the same time I want a relationship that close.

No child should ever have to witness that...

That is something I would not even share with God.

at least your parents are close... maybe a little too close... but still close.

I don't think you can be too close to your partner. OPs dad needed help with his rash, that he couldn't see, so his loving wife helped him. It's part of being in a loving and comfortable relationship, these things come up once in a while.

They're married.. They're supposed to be close. There's no such thing as "too close" when you're married.

Dear god, are your eyes in a shock induced coma?

Diablitos 11

"What has been seen cannot be unseen"