By butchapparently - 10/08/2015 15:35

Today, I got a text from the guy I've been in love with for 3 years, saying, "So um, I've been wondering. Did you used to be a man?" FML
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Well he might have spent his whole life wondering

"Well obviously you've always been a dick" I'm sorry OP. You're beautiful inside and out.


Well he might have spent his whole life wondering

OP missed a perfectly good opportunity to say "No, would you like me to prove it to you?"

Well if she was truly transgender she would still have the genitalia of a woman

It isn't authentic and doesn't really juice up... So it's just a hole... Plus have you seen a transgender ******? It looks like a mess compared to a real on..

"Well obviously you've always been a dick" I'm sorry OP. You're beautiful inside and out.

Sure they are. Maybe they're hideous to you but gorgeous to someone else. Beauty depends a lot on who's looking. I think Cara Delvigne is reallly unattractive, but a large amount of people really like her.

What are you saying that someone who is transgender isn't beautiful inside and out? And for all you know op could be transgender the dude was just asking how does that make him a dick? There are lots of pretty transgender people out there, asking someone if they are transgender shouldn't be viewed as an insult. In my opinion your the dixk

OP could be the most hideous person in the world. You don't know that

Nobody is beautiful inside, it's all squishy internal organs

you wouldn't know if they are actually beautiful or not. they could be a terrible person(not saying they are but it could be a possibility)

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OP, be brave and find out why he'd say something so stupid and insensitive.

Wow that must have been pretty harsh op. I'm sorry, that must have been really awkward.

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Your "very original comment there" was very original

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Your "Your 'very original comment there' was very original" was very original.

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Wonder how well you two knew each other

This is even difficult to comfort you. FYL

You deserve better, OP. Or at least more subtle and sensitive. :I

He's a ******** for asking you that bluntly, AND in a text.

How do you ask someone if they're transgender without being blunt?

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I know some men are rude as a way off flirting! Or maybe he was just rude! But either way, you two must be very close for him to ask such a personal question! Maybe you two will look back on this and laugh lol