By emsbuffalo - 04/01/2012 06:15 - United States

Today, my mom came home from surgery. Upon arriving home, she flashed a paper in my face and said, "Want to see pictures of my colon?" My eyes are still burning. FML
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Was she bending over and spreading her ass-cheeks open?

Want to see my colon? :


Ewwww...poor you:/

To an untrained eye a colon looks like any other part of a human's innards. I really don't see how that's gross?

This isn't gross at all, it's just the human body. Unless of course it was crusty, infected, or gushing with pus. sorry what???...what could they have done in her abdomen that would make her vag look good?...i mean unles she had sum serious prolapse n it looked like her uterus was hangin outta her n they just tacked it back up...but even that is pelvic at best...

57- Do you not know what a colon is? That's the only way that comment makes sense... a colon is not a lady part. Look up some basic human anatomy.

i see...n thankyou for clearing that up i was talking to u lol

Why would anyone flash the colon pictures around?

A safer alternative to pepper spray?

Safer physically perhaps...

Here, wanna see a colon? :

Oh you know you enjoyed it.

Unless the OP said "the worst part is that I enjoyed it", then it wouldn't even be on FML.

Was she bending over and spreading her ass-cheeks open?

Oh god, that image and you is just.... Turning me on. Is that so wrong?

Nope, just flashing pictures!

At least it's only a picture.

Oh the horror!! That sounds disgusting OP.

This coming from a guy named buttsexpirate

You guys didn't catch the sarcasm?! You all fail! Buttsexpirate OBVIOUSLY treasures everything involving the anus....

I feel sick... >_o FYL, indeed.

Why? Seriously when they do anything with the colon they clean it fully before hand. It's no grosser visually then looking in your mouth. I've watched my digestive tract on a monitor why I underwent a procedure to remove pre-cancerous lesions. It was neat, not gross at all.

Want to see my colon? :

Never finished that face....

#60 thatsthejoke.jpg

Walk away next time.

Yikes I really feel sorry for you, just try not to get constipated over it!