By emsbuffalo - 04/01/2012 06:15 - United States

Today, my mom came home from surgery. Upon arriving home, she flashed a paper in my face and said, "Want to see pictures of my colon?" My eyes are still burning. FML
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perdix 29

Was she bending over and spreading her ass-cheeks open?

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To an untrained eye a colon looks like any other part of a human's innards. I really don't see how that's gross?

This isn't gross at all, it's just the human body. Unless of course it was crusty, infected, or gushing with pus.

Tdevonner 0 sorry what???...what could they have done in her abdomen that would make her vag look good?...i mean unles she had sum serious prolapse n it looked like her uterus was hangin outta her n they just tacked it back up...but even that is pelvic at best...

aruam365 24

57- Do you not know what a colon is? That's the only way that comment makes sense... a colon is not a lady part. Look up some basic human anatomy.

Tdevonner 0

i see...n thankyou for clearing that up i was talking to u lol

Unless the OP said "the worst part is that I enjoyed it", then it wouldn't even be on FML.

perdix 29

Was she bending over and spreading her ass-cheeks open?

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Oh god, that image and you is just.... Turning me on. Is that so wrong?

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Oh the horror!! That sounds disgusting OP.

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This coming from a guy named buttsexpirate

Torva_fml 16

You guys didn't catch the sarcasm?! You all fail! Buttsexpirate OBVIOUSLY treasures everything involving the anus....

Shadow_Phantom 26

I feel sick... >_o FYL, indeed.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Why? Seriously when they do anything with the colon they clean it fully before hand. It's no grosser visually then looking in your mouth. I've watched my digestive tract on a monitor why I underwent a procedure to remove pre-cancerous lesions. It was neat, not gross at all.

Yikes I really feel sorry for you, just try not to get constipated over it!