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  Eivana  |  36

That is really not all that disturbing. It's not like he is using it for child pornography purposes. If he cannot explain it's best he show a photo if he needs to.

  kirkaygri  |  18

He clearly has a picture to show, I'm assuming, the pharmacist (OP?), to see what cream would be best recommended. It's a good tactic for something small that may not need a doctor's visit.

  Spartancjm  |  28

That's not how it works. In that case, parents who change their children's diapers were viewing child pornography and doctors who give physicals are child molesters.

  katelng09  |  16

It's not being indecent. The father didn't know what it was and I'm sure the kid was freaking out as well. And I don't think this should be a FML because it's the OPs job to look at this type of medical stuff and help them understand what it is.

  chinaski7628  |  32

It's likely the son is an infant and has diaper rash. My friend's a pharmacist and people are always showing her pictures of their (or their kids') gross rashes. It's gross and TMI, but not creepy.

By  Mikelbair1  |  14

That is not child porn #3, at least not in that context, sorry you had to see that OP. I do have to say it's good training though because his child was probably very young and he was the standard overly concerned father trying to help his baby (and make his wife happy) one day when your child encounters that same god awful rash, you'll know exactly how to handle it. life lesson.


I'm agreeing here. It "could" look bad if someone wanted to "get" him and showed the pic to the police, but it would probably blow over when they saw most pics were of the kid dressed as some minecraft character, his spouse's cooking fails, cat's antics, etc.

By  LittleLittlered7  |  6

That poor kid. Depending on how old he was FHisL. At least the dad took a pic rather than pulled his pants down. Its more awkward if you're a cashier/stockperson rather than pharmacist/tech.